Thursday, December 31, 2009

I am beyond ecstatic!

While looking around on ikea's site last night I stumbled onto an idea for my kitchen. My kitchen is stuck in the late 80's. I call it my Danny Tanner kitchen from Full House. Wallpaper, oak cabinets...yuck. The thing that sucks is it's all functional, and good stuff. The appliances, the countertops, everything is simply ugly. I hate to waste tons of money on things that are good. So here is my new idea, tear down the wallpaper, paint the walls a pretty aqua, have a huge modern canvas painting on the large wall (I'll paint it myself), get new cabinet fronts,(lose the arched ones), paint my cabinets white, dark bamboo floors, white gloss subway tile back splash,(or another color still on the fence) and a dark butcher board countertop. Replace hinges, and hardware with stainless steel ones. I'm actually really excited. I think we could do it all for around $2,000. It helps having a hubby who is good with his hands. Here are the pictures for inspiration.

- the bedding is my painting inspiration
- i like the color of the rocks
- and I want the flooring
- i love all the kitchens

I need new lighting in there...I'm excited. I like granite countertops, we used those at our old house...but to be truthful...I want something different, and something unique. Also, the fact they are way cheaper is a plus :)

I need to go to lowes today. Eric is going to get the supplies to make my frames. Yay! I hope they turn out. He did a good job on his test who knows. I'll post pics if they turn out...

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