Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I had to take some pics of Cedric looking dapper in his letterman sweater. He was falling over laughing in the one pic..the other he was in his swinger starring at me wondering what the hell I was up to.

I have a long list sitting in front of me of things that need to be done...and I'm taking a break for the moment...checking out on life. I scored some sleep today...all be it was only 2 hours and it was interrupted was sleep none the less. I have some energy. Which is nice. I went in for my 6 week check up today. Everything was good. I have to go back next month for my pap. I love my dr's office. Although it's the busiest in the land...I love them. I also stopped by Eric's work today with the baby. Then we went out for lunch. Some crazy man sat down beside us...which kinda put a damper on the mood. Of all the free tables at Ermins...crazy man had to sit down by us and start rubbing his head in his crazy way. Oh well...pointless.

things to do...
put a stamp on the mail I tried to send yesterday...I didn't notice I didn't put one of the envelope. I'm that tired.

edit pics.


wash bottles

wash clothes

set up a hair appointment

work out...hahhahaaaaa...think about doing so while watching tv eating ice cream.

make xmas gifts.

shop online for xmas gifts

fill out insurance information

fill out and send birth announcements

print pics

send netflix back

and tons more....and this is just for tonight.

I think I'm going to take some photography classes. I need to brush up and it never hurts to learn more. I spoke with Eric about the vasectomy. We are kinda both on the fence about it. Dr. Bell's husband is a urologist so I got his number today. We both might want one more kid. I know I had a lot of issues with Cedric but we both talked about not knowing if we want to close the door on that option forever. I love kids...I just want to be able to afford and love the ones we have. My outlook on the situation is...never say never and who is funny. I just HATE being pregnant. Give it another 6 years and I'll forget how bad it was.

I need to go xmas shopping. I'm going to look around online tonight and see if I can find some things. The wind is awful outside...I can hear it. My xmas decorations were blowing across my yard I had to put them up in the garage. Yet, another thing I will have to put back up.

Well, off to look around online then edit pics.

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