Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We didn't get to bed until late last night and the baby decided he needed to be fed 3x's throughout the night. So I'm dragging today. We had fun at the boat. It was hilarious watching everyone trying to eat crab legs. I think we wore more of the meat than actually eating it. Eric and Joe did a good job showing us how to properly eat them...but somehow we didn't quite grasps the concept. Eric and I were not big winners...kinda saw that coming. But it was fun just to play. I had a really good time seeing everyone. It was nice to be out of the house...kid free and among adults. We took spen to the dundee candy shop. LOVE IT! The staff were super sweet and were all over the baby. He's a ladies man already. Spen is nuts..of all the homemade candy he could buy...he bought laffy taffy. Whatever. I picked up some chocolate covered gummybears. Yummy. I kinda froze on my decision. They had so many sweets to choose from.

I'm losing more weight...which is HARD to do during the holidays. Slowly but surely I will be back to my pre-pregnancy size. I did have a small accomplishment the other day...I could wear my pre-pregnancy jeans...just had serious muffin top action going on...but they were zipped! Which is awesome only after not even 2 months.

I need to go to the grocery. DREADING this...I'm taking both kids. I think I'll have spen push the stroller. I need to get a lot of groceries and I can't fit them in the cart with cedric in there. I have not attempted who knows how this will play out. I've taken them before...but not a hardcore shopfest.

Eric and I need to wrap gifts...I guess this will be like every other year...and christmas eve we will be up wrapping. I'm weird and I like to give the illusion of no gifts are seen under the tree until xmas morning. I do have a few gift bags out and some small gifts for others...but spens are in our closet. That boy is going to flip out this year. We got him a ds...and I will have to video tape his reaction. He lost his gameboy and we told him santa will not bring him another game system because he doesn't take care of them. Well, he will flip out. That boy is so spoiled. Poor cedric is getting Actually, he's getting some costly stuff too. Toy are nuts these days. I can't believe how $$$ they are. Spen is really only into wii games or pricey board games. I bought him risk. He's been begging for it. He's only six...why should he care about world domination. He also got the new wii resort and all the gadgets that go with it. I think Eric is happy with all spens gifts because he gets to play too. I think it's funny spen wanted an easy bake oven. My mom got it for him. I hate people who refuse to allow their boys to play "cooking" or get them a kitchen. People are dumb...and also fail to remember most chefs are men. We bought spen a play kitchen one year. This year he will be so stoked on his oven. to get ready for my grocery adventure...

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