Monday, December 14, 2009

It's a monday.....

This weekend went by fast. I dyed my hair, got it cut...and started working out...I even managed to paint my nails...I'm on my way to feeling normal. My hair looks awesome. Although, I wanted to get it done by Chris...I am I did most myself..besides the cut. I need to clean and do laundry. Took the boys xmas pics....spen did not want to partake in the event...and cedric was out cold. I give up. I want to do a family portrait...but screw that. I will probably in the spring. The baby will be able to sit up then. My mom came over and watched the boys. Eric and I got our xmas shopping done. Eric is just as bad as me with buying gifts. He wanted to get spen everything. This will be an awesome xmas for spen. Cedric...he's getting He's just getting a few stuff. I already gave him one gift...his play mat. I did buy him a jumper was regular 99 bucks...I got it for 74. small victory. It's so adorable..cedric will smile if you smile at him. He's so sweet. He loves to cuddle. He's just like spen was. Today was yearbook pics for spen. Yes, elementary schools have year books...funny. Spen had to wear his cub scout uniform and chess club shirt. Spen did such an awesome job at his chess tournament...came in 2nd out of 60 kids and it was his 1st match. He's so smart. He's an older soul...he's just different than other kids. As a baby..he was different. I think he's going to have some of his friends over to spend the night this winter break. I don't want him bored. I have so many things to off to do them.

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