Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We now have food...

WE survived the grocery. I'm super excited how well spen did with pushing cedric in the stroller. I was worried he would get bored or crash into things. Nope...he did awesome. It helped cedric slept the whole time.

I have a new obsession. Pacifier holders. I can't wait to start making some. They are cheap to make and I can buy some cute ribbon and make all types. I bought one at target and I love the function of it.

I also can't wait to start working again on the house. Spen's bathroom is my next project. It's going to be a super mario theme. I don't know who is more excited...spen or eric. I have to strip wallpaper :( I'm not looking forward to that. I hate wallpaper!

I need to go get ready. I have to go to the funeral home. My cousin died. I hate funerals...this just sucks. I hate death.

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