Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Truth...One simple word, yet so unyielding. Why do people lie? Why do some people feel the need to project their lives in such ways of outlandish falsities? I don't understand. I mean, I understand a simple white lie every once and again, but not full blown delusional fairy tales. I think the majority of the time it is insecurity with oneself. I guess, my honesty is shocking to some, and bitchy to others. But take me at face value...I am who I am. I do not and refuse to project an air that does not exist, nor will I twist the truth that it shall almost bend. I was taught not to lie. Why be so insecure to be afraid what others will think? I myself, am a woman, and us ladies do tend to have insecurities. But to live in a surreal utopia, to be lost amid the clouds of fantasy and survive upon the mere decadence of deceit. This I will never understand.

To be nice when everything in your inner self tells you not to be. When you want so greatly to call someone out upon their lies, their shroud of truth. But to calm yourself with the justification knowing this person knows. Knows to the depths of their soul that their life is yet of a wasteland, and the lies that spit forth from their mouth barely fool themselves anymore. They are merely living the motions of a living breathing being, but their self is lost. They're broken.

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