Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm such an idiot

I forgot to include the little cards that tell everyone where I'm registered in my invites. I was so happy with getting them addressed and sealed (pull and seal envelopes = awesome) that I completely forgot. Oh well.


Tomorrow is my doctor appointment. Long story short I'm going to see if she will discuss inducing me...and picking a date. Hopefully, she will be open to the idea. Not now...but next month. I ready for this kid to be born. I want to bend
I picked spens birthday and he was induced. I'm not sure what dates work for her and I will have to see how my body is doing. I just want everything organized and prepared. I want spen to be taken care of, and Eric to be off work. I'm such a planner. Also, I'm scared I won't have my doctor delivery me, esp since I have to go to baptist east. Long story there. I'm also fearful to go into labor on my own. I've never experienced that...and spen came really fast. They told me to hurry and get to the hospital with my next baby. Spen was practically falling I don't want to be some TLC special "I delivered in my driveway story"

We have so many parties over the next month to attend it's nuts. I need to buy b-day gifts for all the kids. September is a busy month.


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