Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall is around the corner...

I can't wait for fall this year. Middletown's festival is this weekend...I walked some yesterday at it and my stomach was killing I had to come home and lay down. Eric and Spen are selling popcorn in a booth for the cub scouts. They're both so cute. Spen and the boys got to sell popcorn to Pat Day yesterday. It was awesome. Eric called me and told me...too bad I missed it. From what I hear Spen is the selling machine. He even was getting donations with that cute little face of his. He's so damn adorable. He knows how to use his looks...this will haunt me later in his teenage years.

My niece turns 8 years old today. It's nuts. I'm going to take her to get her nails done next week sometime. I know she'll have a blast. I need to go and pick her up a gift from Spen and a card. Her party is around 4:30. Tomorrow is Spens friends skating party. I swear for the next few weeks every weekend will be a party. I hope I can keep up. Our shower is the 26th.

I have been having so many pains in my stomach the past few days. I think the baby is dropping.

I bought the teddy bear hat I've been stalking for months from etsy last night. I ended up having the woman custom make it for me. She was super sweet. I still need to order the other one...the long sleeping hat. I'm going to take pictures of the baby in them. Too cute!!! That will be the birth announcements. Knocking on wood.

We have sooo many things to do. I mailed the invites yesterday. I need to get the nursery done. I want it done for the shower. People always enjoy looking at tiny baby things and baby nurseries. I know I do. I can't believe how soon the baby will be here. It's kinda crazy.

Off to go shopping.

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