Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yesterday was a blast...

I need to upload some pics...if I can find some that doesn't make me look like a I had a blast at the baby shower. My mom totally out did herself. A lot more people showed up than I thought. It was full of fun and good food. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I sat on the couch or in a chair most of the time. I hated I didn't get to make my rounds and talk to everyone. But that's bed rest for you. I felt like crap yesterday. My stomach kept doing weird pings of pain. So I really tried to not over do it. Poor spen was tired and ended up sick. I don't know if it's a head cold or allergies. He had a bad headache and was tired. He and Eric had gotten up early to do the cub scout rocket races. Spen came in second place. Woo hoo...he was so excited. I hated that I had to miss it. But I'm on bed rest..and the other night I was having real that's life. I'll see it next year.
It broke my heart last night...spen wanted to curl up on me...I could only have him lay on my legs...and pat him. A. he couldn't get in my face...I don't want to get sick and b. my belly is too big for him to fit on. It broke my heart. Usually, I scoop him up when he's sick.

Eric was so cute at the shower. He was all excited about the baby stuff. We ended up putting together the play yard. It's super cute. Today he's going to get the travel system with the gift cards and money. I feel really blessed to have so many good friends and family members. I need to work on my thank you cards. I also want to have Eric go out to buy some more baby gear. I miss my I'll live through him. I could shop online..but it's not the instant gratification that I crave. to make phone calls. Ps...thanks to everyone who came out and thanks for all the wonderful gifts...xoxo's!!!

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