Friday, September 18, 2009

Is happy....

So I got the hat I ordered last week in. I'm beyond ecstatic on how adorable it is. There's the pic. How cute. I'm going to try to replicate that picture some how. God

I also ordered my sleeping pixie hat for the baby. I'm obsessed with hats now. The woman did such an awesome job on the bear hat. Eric thought it was adorable too. Here is the pixie.
Same colors. I can't wait to get it.

This weekend I vow the nursery will be done! I have to get the house cleaned and in order before the shower which is next saturday. I have no idea who all is coming. I can't wait to see all the wee little baby clothes. That's the best part. I'm stoked a lot of the guys are coming. I love coed showers. Eric is just as much part of this baby as me...and I will be reminding him this at 4 am

My glucose test came back and they were normal...woo hoo! I'm so happy with that. I can indulge in sugar and sweets.

I bought myself a sports nursing bra yesterday. I think I will like that better than the old fashioned ones esp in the beginning. I can't wait to get the house ready and have the baby. I need to still buy myself things to go in my bag for the hospital. I bought some pjs, but my mom had a good point, I may have to wear a gown. I can't remember how long they come in and check you after you have the baby. If so I'll pick one up this weekend. I also need to get spens bag packed. I want to fill a bag full of dollar store games and toys for him to play with while I'm in the hospital. to shower and shop.

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