Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm going nuts...

This bed rest is driving me nuts. Poor spen is sick. I think he has a sinus or ear infection. He's running a fever and is coughing. He does this every time he gets sick. He coughs because he doesn't like the feeling of drainage in his throat. He coughed all night. He also said he was dizzy. Which leads me to think ear infection. He isn't too lethargic or sick acting. He just said he has a headache. Well, he needs to go to the doctor and I can't take him. His dr. is across town, and I might have to park far off in the parking lot. I don't want to drive by myself too. So Eric is going to take him for me. He has in the past. I just hate not being able to do it. I also hate that I am keeping my distance from him. I really can't get sick right now. Last time I caught his cold I ended up with bronchitis and had to take tons of meds just to get over it. I feel so bad for him...I want to scoop my baby up in my arms and hold him...but I can't. Poor Eric, he is being awesome. He had to take care of him last night...make me dinner, and get up and go into work at 5am. They were shutting power off at 2am at work. Not to mention the times he got up to check to see if the power came back on there. He's such a hard worker. Now he will have to hurry and take spen to the dr and then go back to work. The control freak in me is hating not doing everything myself.

Last night I had cramping in my cervix. I was kinda worried I was going to have to go to the hospital. I laid down and after awhile it stopped. I really don't see this kid staying in there for too much longer. I pray he does....but I know he probably won't.

I'm waiting for spens dr's office to open so I can make an appointment. I go back to the doctors Thursday. I hope both visits go well.

I love my hubby...he deserves a break. He just runs and runs. He's going to crash soon I know. He's taking a week off when the baby comes, and then he will be doing half days for another week or so. He has two weeks he could take...but we want to try to take the second week off during christmas. We're weirdos and love all the fun christmas things. I can't wait...this year we'll have a little baby for xmas.

It's becoming real with all the baby gear around the house. Spen tested out the new stroller yesterday. It was funny...the boys were being boys throwing a baby doll around and in and out of the stroller. I just hope they treat the new baby a little more nicer. to get spen ready for the doctor.

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