Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last night woes...

So the joys of having an asthmatic child who coughs and chokes himself in his sleep. Spen freaked out last night screaming...I ran into his room ( dumb I know I'm on bed rest, but when your baby screams you go running) to find him covered in vomit. FUNNNNNNNNNN. He has this persistent cough from his drainage. He chokes himself with it...and he gagged himself in his sleep and made himself get sick. He had it all over his head. He was scared he had the stomach flu. I told him no...he just gagged himself. Poor Eric cleaned up the mess while I took him off to the shower. My poor baby. I wish he would feel better and his nose would dry up. We go through this every change of season. He had a cold and I think his allergies are playing a role too. I just hate it for him.

I put some of the baby stuff away. I have some stuff I need to go buy, but I will have to send Eric out to buy them. I need to still get a breast pump and nursing pads along with bottles. I'm going to see how my milk comes in for that I guess I'll send him out while I'm in the hospital. I still need a nursing gown. It's annoying because I waited to get some stuff thinking I could before the baby was born. such luck.

I still need to get a bassinet or a co-sleeper too. We'll figure something out. I found one cheaper at walmart's a co-sleeper for $99. That's cheaper than the $189 I originally wanted. I need to get my butt in gear and start ordering stuff. to make some phone calls.

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