Monday, September 28, 2009


Spen just has a head cold...yay! No antibiotics needed. It's funny Eric and the doctor get along really well. Last time he took him he let Eric look inside spens ear to see what an ear infection looks like. It's like no matter how old a man gets they're always little boys wanting to show off their

I'm super stoked on spen just having a head cold. They went ahead and tested him for the flu because Eric told him I'm preggos and about to pop and to be on the safe side they did. I need to get spen a flu shot. I got mine last week. It swelled and bruised...always fun. I can't wait until the baby comes...this weather has gotten me in the mood for autumn. I need to open the windows. I also need to put all the stuff I got from the baby shower up. It's in my living room right now. I need to work on thank you cards too. I might do that today and have Eric carry all the stuff up tonight when he gets home. Sounds like a plan...ok..pointless blog.

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