Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things to do...people to see..

Eric is home...yay! Poor guy had to go to michigan yet again. He will have to go back for another week. I hated he was gone. I hated it even more so because I was so sick. I'm feeling better, but I was getting worried on my coughing. I didn't want to throw myself into labor or get pneumonia. I've never had bronchitis before...nor do I ever want to have it again.


I'm 30 weeks pregnant. I'm almost 8 months...holy hell...this kid is close to coming.

Spen lost his first tooth. It was so tiny...I bet his new ones will be huge.

I designed my baby shower invites. I love them :) Now to get the paper and print them out.

***To do list***

Pick up hardwood floors and install them...this will have to wait until next weekend..the wood has to acclimate.

Get my nails painted. I'm going to "attempt" to shoot some maternity shots. Wish me luck. I'll have Eric's help.

Go to spens cub scout meeting tonight.

Go shopping for fall clothes for the boys. Spen has out grown everything, and Eric needs more. Old navy has a sale on jeans...19 bucks...can't beat it. I bought Eric a pair yesterday..but he needs some more sweaters and shirts.

Biggest challenge finish baby's room. It's almost painted. I need to buy a curtain rod, new blinds, put up wall decals, frame some artwork, and find a table to go in there. Fun.

Ok...enough wasting time...I need to get myself dressed and out the door.

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