Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Addiction!!! {Word ART}


I was once asked to make this type of art/photography for a friend. I was super busy when she asked and I never got around to making it.  It was buried in the back of my crafting mind and neatly placed on my to do list. Well, damn you pinterest, because I saw something similar yesterday and bam quick as a flash...I had to make one : )  It's mine and my husband initials along with wedding anniversary.  I am totally going to own up to the fact I borrowed these lovely pictures from the internet. ( I personally hate when my images are taken off the internet and used for personal gain...but this is simply for a frame in my house.  Hopefully, no bad karma my way : ) )Thank you flickr. 

It's really easy to do.   I found a tutorial on how to make these in Microsoft Office Publisher. I used photoshop myself...but the tutorial seems like it might be useful.  

  I'm now thinking of all the fun things I could do this for...framed xmas gifts possibly?
If I make these for Christmas I'd love to drive around Louisville and snap photos of the alphabet. I think it would be fun to see pieces of signs you know. (Note to project ) I also tweaked another photo I found off the pinterest.  I love it...

I added some different layers and I like how it turned out.  This line always chokes me up   : )  Thank you who ever out there in pinterest land took this picture : )

Have a great day guys!!!

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