Monday, November 21, 2011

This and that times two...

Things that occurred the past few days in random order...

- I banished all my lovely gray hairs.  I am now a solid brunette again : )

- I returned the lamps that Eric said belonged in an old ladies house. (sadly I agree)  I hate when you are on a mission for something and then settle out of pure frustration.  I knew in my gut I didn't like them...but I needed lamps so I thought I could make them work. Eric just reaffirmed that I didn't like them...hahahaa.  Although, they looked A MILLION times better in the store.  I hate when that happens.

- I bought two new crystal lamps to replace my previous ugly purchase.  They were a hit among the hubs and friends. I really like the.  Going for a minimalist bedroom.  Let's see if my need for clutter can stay at bay.

Crappy cell pic...but you will get the idea..

The shade is rectangular white with silver flake.  Totally lost in this pic.  But they are really pretty.

- Cedric swiped my mascara while I was putting my eyeliner on today.  He was too fast to get a good picture, but you can see how he resembles clock work orange here. He is so funny and fast.  He had the top unscrewed and on his "eyes" as he kept saying over and over.  He was quit proud of himself.  I had to laugh.

We had Scouting for food last Saturday.  I was amazed with the out pouring of donations this year.  My car alone was stock piled with donations Spencer collected.  All the boys were awesome and it's a great cause.  I've been debating on taking Spencer to the mission to see where a lot of the donations go.  I'd like for him to see the faces behind the cause.

Cedric was all about Daddy.  He missed him and did not want out of his arms.

It was funny how fast all the kids rushed out to unload my car.  ( If I only had this at home...hummmm...)

 - I'm planning my annual cookie exchange this year.  I have no idea what I will make and who all I will invite. I'm not sure if I want a big one or small one.

- Finished stapling my chair with some help from Eric.  I need to go buy the cording and hot glue.  I plan on buying the hardcore glue.  I also need to finish the arms. But it looks AWESOME!!!  My first pancake so far is a success. Yay!!!

- Planning my game plan for Black Friday shopping...I have some ideas, but I need to make a list.

- I can't wait to put my my xmas stuff!!!  I know what I will be doing this weekend : )

- I have been searching EVERYWHERE for a sectional couch I like.  Macy's had some I like...but they are HUGE and are too big for my family room.  I hate furniture shopping!!!

- Lastly, I am signing back up at my old gym.  My friend and I are doing it together.  Hopefully, we will push each other.  If not, it will be fun while we goof off and laugh while pretending to workout.  I'm determined though to get into shape.  I know it can happen.  I want to get in really good shape before I get pregnant again.  I plan on working out while pregnant too. I will not have another pregnancy like my last!  So we shall see how this all works out. Ha...famous last words.

Wishing everyone a great week!!!

xoxo's Nikki

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