Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Ok...My lovely friend and partner is crime came over yesterday and tonight to work on my chair.  This is what my other friend Nikki would describe as my "first pancake".  Last night we discovered we were using the wrong size staples.  Today, I bought the wrong size yet again.  So my friend Sarah was so nice to run back out and pick up the right size.  Poor Cedric had a check up today and got a lovely shot in his left leg.  He was not up for another trip out of the house.

Here is the before pic of my thrift store chair.

and here is the current state ONE chair is in...

I still have to finish the back sides, the arms and put a few more staples in the back along with the trim piping. Soooo close to being done!!!  Big thanks and hug to Sarah from helping!!! I'll write a tutorial once it's done.  I've been taking pictures along the way ; )

My new hat I scored today... I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE it. {Sang in my Dragon Tales voice}

Good night guys!

xoxo's Nik

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Awesome job! I love, love, love these chairs!