Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One of these things are not like the other...

We have been busy bees lately.  I have a few art projects for my bedroom and the rest of the house.  My long dreaded chair project is still there.  One chair stripped and ready for painting.  Grrrrr...where is the easy button when you need it?

My matching chair sits untouched...I HATE pulling out staples!!!

I'm thinking about busting out my husbands paint spray gun. I still have to sand and buy the paint.  This is just primer. 

 I decided to paint the chairs in high gloss white.  I need to find a huge dressing mirror to go behind them along with 5 million other accents for my bedroom. Here is the fabric for the chairs. I found the fabric on a chair at Marshalls and searched the internet high and low where I got it for a STEAL!!!

I'm currently saving up for my next big purchase...a sectional for my family room. I'm on the new kick of paying for everything in cash. I hate bills!!! Our old one has seen better days.  It will soon be retired to the basement.  Now onto furniture shopping!!!  I have seen tons I love online...but I'm scared to death of buying them from a site.  I want to sit in one and see how it feels and how the fabric is.  Ok...Cedric is still asleep and I think I might lay down for a second.


lori {the house of pruitt} said...

Great progress so far! I was outside spray painting my chair today (super windy, got lots of dirty looks from the neighbors and had to move to the backyard!) since today is so awesome out. After working on this chair, i really believe that the people making the chairs were paid by the staple.

~Nikki Pullen said...

Thanks! There were like three different levels of staples!!! WTH? I get that they want it to be secure, but sweet Jesus. I ended up having Eric pull the ones on the back. I couldn't get them out. I think the other chair might get finished next year...hehehe.

lori {the house of pruitt} said...

YES!!! There was a welt around the edge and they stapled that, then they stapled the back fabric and the front fabric with different rows. Ugh!!! My hands were so sore after doing that. But it is looking good. Can't wait to see yours finished!!!! :)