Thursday, November 24, 2011

New gym...old gym...

My friend and I joined a local gym.  I used to a member and quit years ago.  Well, tonight was our first workout there.  We actually went through all the leg machines and did some stomach machines as well.  I know I will be sore tomorrow.  We walked on the elliptical for what seems a small eternity, but was only 10 minutes.  The guy in front of us who was in his mid-to late 50's was doing laps on us.  After all the "serious" workout we went and played with the toys.  The gym was dead and we wanted to see what they had.  We did some step aerobics along with some sit ups with weighted balls.  Then we discovered the HULA HOOP!!!   Sarah and I LOVE hula hooping.  Sadly, we totally thought about buying the work out video one.  Yes, they have a hula hoop work out video, do not judge me ; )  The hula hoop was weighted.  It hurt like a b*tch to do, but was fun.  Then we discovered the shake weight and everything else was history as they say   : )  She snapped a pic of me being silly. The night crew thought we were nuts.  We joked and said we need to get matching sweat bands.  You have to make working out fun...if can suck.  

I totally look crazy in this pic.  I weighed myself today....129.  My goal is 125 and cut.  It was super funny.  When we were given the tour, the fitness guy asked what our goals were.  I told him I wanted to be cut.  He made a gesture of being huge with muscles.  I told him no, I'm a lady...I want to keep my lady shape and parts. Then I realized how funny that was...I usually do not refer to myself as a lady.  I'm actually excited to get into shape.  My goal is not jiggle.  Seems doable.  I'm also ready for Thanksgiving!  I won't feel as guilty eating all my sweets this year.  I plan on becoming a late night gym junky. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Be safe and eat well : )

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