Sunday, July 25, 2010

It seems I'm always running backwards....

For starters....I screwed up my entry way.  I put wax on a no-wax Eric and I have been using ammonia to remove the wax.  Actually, Eric has been doing most of it.  We will work on that when we get back from Hawaii.  Ok, a few days I will be sitting on the beach not giving a care about anything.  But, until then...I have clothes to wash, hair to dye, pictures to edit, a meeting with a client, packing to do and tons more.  I managed to give all my boys haircuts tonight.  Ceddy even got one too.  I gave him a little faux-hawk. It is very difficult cutting an infants hair btw.  Spen's is short and Eric is bald.  I just had to cut all his hair off on that one.  I've been working out like a mad woman. weight is still hovering.  Maybe I can pick up a nice tape worm while I'm on the Island.  Perhaps...not.

I got a pedicure today.  My toes are ready for the beach.  I was going to get my nails done, but I know they will chip.  So I just did them myself.  I'm going to pack the color....because I know they too will chip and I can touch them up.  Ok pointless info.  My mind is swimming with things to do.  Lists, and also the fact my house is a mess.  I HATE when we have house projects and the place goes to shambles.

I did score some cute earrings on clearance today for 3.59 at target. I went to two different targets today.   I want to make my own skeleton key necklace...(or buy one )  That shall be this falls trendy accessory piece. I like these two.  I'm going to look around some more...but I do like these.  Kays has a pretty diamond one.

I can't wait to go to Kauai.  I've always wanted to go to Hawaii.  Eric and I were actually going to get married there :(  We were going to fly our moms out there with spen and have a little ceremony on the beach.  Why I let people sway my mind because of their own choices is beyond me.  I even had my dress picked out.
I thought about renewing our vows.  But the packages are out of this maybe Eric and I might just say something from the heart on the beach to each other with out the outrages fee. Ok..pointless blog...I must go touch up my hair.

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Joe's blog said... romantic....I'm a bit envious....wonderful.

It's not pointless. I like your posts. There's always something that touches me.