Sunday, July 31, 2011

{Insert Happy Dance}

I FINALLY purchased fabric for my chairs.  I've been on the fence for awhile.  I wanted something classic, but not boring.  Then I also wanted an eye catcher.  I searched for a small eternity for the perfect fabric and I found it.  Gotcha Storm

I have posted about this fabric before but I couldn't find it anywhere cheap and I wasn't sure about it to be honest.  Well, I went to Hancocks today with the hubs and we saw a sample there.  He loved it.  So  I asked them how much and how long it would take to get it in and I did not like either answers.  So I went home googled it again and found it for $7.75 a yard!!!  I really like it so I can't wait to get it!!!  I'm super nervous about the trim/pipping.  My husband actually sews better than I do, so he's going to be helping me...aka doing it.  I also have another friend who wants to help out.  So I'm sure the chairs will look awesome : )  Hopefully, it turns out.  Now to prep the chairs!!!

New doorknobs.
 I'm such a weirdo and I get on these kicks of wanting to change the smallest details.  But I've always been a firm believer in the little details complete the look.  So...I'm thinking about painting mine.  Eric wants to buy new...I'm thinking Eric will win out if the heat does not let up.  I tried painting a mod chair I have a few days ago.  I was just putting a fresh coat of white on.  I plan on moving it up to the office.  The heat screwed up the way the paint dried. So I will be repainting once the temps lower. My other new obsession is white faux fur.  I'm thinking of buying a throw for the office chair and a possible rug for the bedroom.  We shall see...

Finally, it is taking EVERY ounce of will power not to dye my hair red.  I'm crushing on a deep dark rich red for fall...I do this EVERY year. I go red for fall, dark brown or black for winter and then highlights for spring and summer.  I'm a hair hopper. My friends actually joke about it and say they can tell what season it is by my hair. to bed.  Tomorrow is drawing day for the BabyLegs : )  Wonder who will win : )

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've had ENOUGH...

I've had enough of no organization in this house!!!  Yesterday I snapped and actually got things accomplished.  I sat down and weeded through my makeup drawer, hair product drawer, lotion drawer and junk catch all drawer in my bathroom.  I'm happy to report...all my drawers are clean and organized.  I do want to purchase some more organization holders for the catch all junk drawer.  But YAY!!!  I'm super pumped for being able to find things!!!  I need to replace the lining of the drawers...I may make a trip to the store for that later : ) 

 We took apart the canopy top of our bed last night.  Eric fixed the ceiling.  Long story...but we used to have an 80's brass wicker fan when we moved in and we took it down. I filled in the hole but did a crappy job, so Eric fixed it last night.  He will sand it tonight, prime it and maybe just maybe I will have my ceiling painted tonight.  On to painting the bathroom!!!  I have so many ideas for my bedroom and master bath. 

I'm in LOVE with this bathroom...and it looks like something the hubs and I could TOTALLY do!!!


I also need new bedding...I want simple white bedding.  God help me for doing that...let's see how long it will stay white.

More accessories...more stuff to be rich how lovely that would be : )

I went to my local peddlers mall and saw some great stuff with this trip!!!

Awesome mod glass table!!!  (I love it but not until Cedric is tables and toddlers scare me to death!)


I REAAAAAALLLLYYY Love this chair...too bad I have no home for it : (

I love anything vintage inspired Halloween : )

And this table set was just badass!

Have a great day guys!!! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

BabyLegs Review and Giveaway!!!


{{{ BabyLegs }}}

I was given a wonderful assortment of BabyLegs to tryout on my little guy. If you are not familiar with BabyLegs you need to be!!! Click the link to view their site... { BabyLegs } They are adorable legwarmers for infants and toddlers of all sizes and shapes. They come in a variety of styles for all tastes and they are perfect for so many reasons. I know you may be asking yourself how can you be using leg warmers in the middle of July with heat waves consisting of 100 degrees plus!?!? Yes, it's hot outside, but not in my house. I have a VERY active toddler who bangs his knees and shins up running around inside the house. The leg warmers not only keep his legs warm inside where I have the AC cranked up, but also give him a little cushion to protect him while he plays inside. They are perfect because I can just slip them off when we leave the house without having to completely change him, and they are a breeze with diaper changes. He loves the cool designs on them and I love the functionality. I wish I had known about these when he was learning to crawl!!! They are perfect for knee protection on rugs with the little ones.

They have so many fun styles to choose from and make the most ADORABLE little girl accessories for the perfect funky little outfit!!! Check them out!!! They were so wonderful to offer one lucky reader a free giveaway to try out for themselves. I will be holding a drawing for a winner at the end of the week.

All you have to do to be added to the drawing is to become a fan of BabyLegs on either Twitter or Facebook,


become a fan of The Urban Nest here or on Facebook

{ The Urban Nest Facebook }


{ The Happenings Of An Absent Mind }

then leave me a comment with your name and email address. I can't wait to see who the lucky winner will be!!!


I "tried" to take some photos of Cedric yesterday for my next giveaway (details coming soon) and here are some of the pics...he is sooooo fast I only was able to snap a few...but my little guy is getting so BIG!!!  I plan on doing a family shoot once the temps lower.  I can't believe Cedric will be 2 in October...time sure flies.  He's turning into the cutest little boy : )

I love this pic because this is what I see everyday...this is him grabbing onto my leg giving kisses and refusing to let go.  Sadly, one day I know he will...he'll trade in hanging out with mom for "cooler" I'll take all the loving I can get now : )

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hot as Hades...

Ok...I'm so over this heat as I'm sure everyone else is as well.

Yesterday we took Spencer bowling.  Cedric was nestled in his stroller, enjoying all the silliness that took place.  Sadly, my 8 year old son beat me.  I officially SUCK at bowling.  He was happy with his victory, so no love lost.  I have sooooo much to do.  I am still not done with my bedroom.  You have to be in the "mood" to paint....and I haven't been.  I royally fudged up my door so I will have to fix that today.  I am loving the outcome of the room though.  It is taking on the feel of a hotel...and that was what I escape from the rest of the house.  I still have so many plans for that room...but I need to finish painting.  I'm almost done....then onto the bathroom.  Shheeeshhhh...

Weekend thus far in crappy cellphone pics...(I think I will be making a trip to fix my cellphone camera very soon)

Cedric VERY excited over salsa...

This is super sweet...every night now Cedric climbs up in Spens arms and goes to sleep...Spencer is actually watching TV(not asleep)...Cedric LOVES his big brother.

The hubs trying to eat my face.

The pep talk...

I couldn't get a good picture of Cedric on the scooter...there is a back story to this...Cedric walked into the garage the other day while we were out side grabbed some knee and elbow pads and tried to put them on his head....then tried to climb onto Spencer's bike.  He is a I tell him no.  So he then proceeds to climb onto Spen's big scooter.  I grab a helmet for him and dig out Spen's little scooter and Cedric climbs on...and he LOVES it.  He says weeeeeeeeee...and the rest is history : )  I call him Johnny Knoxville baby...he has NO FEAR!!! He's not even 2 yet!!! Lord help me.

Fab deals at Target!!!  I got Cedric's flame shoes (seen above) for 5 BUCKS...and glass candle holders on clearance, and a rug for CHEAP!!!  I love Target deal days!!!

Lastly, a sign of hope and cooler temps...

Adore tree toppers and yes...the fall decor is out!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011


My blogger account has been messed up for the past few days...hence the post lacking words.  It would only post the title and pictures, everything else would be deleted.  Well...little to bed and to snuggle with the hubs...he's finally home from his business trip : )

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I bought this mirror I have been stalking for months now.  I have been in search of the "perfect" mirror for my bedroom.  It was at hobby lobby for 50% off and then I scored an additional 5% for a chip (you can't even see) so I was happy with my purchase.  I did however screw up hanging it.  God did not grant me with picture hanging skills.  The hubs wasn't home so I thought I would do it myself.  I told myself I could do it and thought of the countless times I have seen an anchor installed into a wall.  No big deal...easy...  I wanted to "properly" install my mirror. Somehow, I screwed up the installation part of the anchors.  Well, two unusable anchors later, I decided to go with plan B. and put two nails a tad bit above my original defeat.   The mirror looks awesome and who cares if there are now FOUR holes in my wall...the pretty mirror is all I see.  Here is the mirror.  It reflects the light beautifully in my bedroom so I'm happy.  

I have a lot of ideas for the room and I just need to come up with the cash for said ideas...tee hee.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The art of the melt down...

Totally had one of those mommy moments today.  Cedric is now entering into tantrum city.  A place I'm sure he will reside in for quite awhile...he is a stubborn child.  I was pumped to take the kids to the library.  I had "envisioned" a happy family outing.  The kids would play, pick out books and I might even find one for myself.  Ummmm... yeah...instead I got a lovely toddler melt down in a quiet library along with a plethora of stares and dagger eyes my way.  Cedric is a very social baby.  He loves people and especially other kids.  So at the play area in the library he was having a blast playing along side other kids.  I was trying to give my oldest his own space of coolness and self discovery with being allowed to walk alone in the kids section while finding his book.  Honestly, I was stalking him...he was on the other side of a short bookcase, but felt worlds away...he wasn't standing beside me. (Helicopter Ha! I was stalking all while trying to keep an eye on Cedric.  Well, Cedric doesn't understand personal space just yet and started trying to steal other kids seats...not so bad...except they were still sitting in them!!!  So I pulled him away from the situation and "tried" to help Spencer find a book.  The yelling, flailing of limbs and downright devil soon came out of Cedric.  So needless to say I have no idea what book Spencer got, he grabbed one and we darted for the exit.  I did try to distract him with pretend enthusiasm while I looked super fast for a book on the way to the exit.  He didn't buy it.  I was super lucky and did score the book I was searching for at the checkout.  Someone had just returned it and it was sitting on the counter.  I'm super excited to read The Help.  It looks like a fun read and so maybe, just maybe the melt down was all part of the luck of me finding my book.   

Tonight calls for ice cream, a movie, and a good to make those things happen : )

Random thoughts...

- I am officially taking back my closets!!!  I will no longer have disappointment written on my face when I open and close them.  I want to enjoy the plethora of storage space I have.  Aka...I'm tossing old junk.  Ha!

- I have started back on a workout routine.  I am determined to be fit, not just skinny.

- I am paying off bills, one payment at a time...ha!  I have A LOT of medical bills from Cedric...and they add up.  Today I paid off first steps!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  I love scratching a bill off my list.

- New outlets and vent covers installed in my bedroom.  All that is left is the ceiling, and some trim.  I will tackle this feat tonight...maybe...

- I have a LONGGGGGG to do list...and I really should be "doing that" instead of "this".

- I love and miss the hubs. 'Tis life and business.

- I'm excited about planning Cedric's Birthday party.

- My basement is clean and ready to start on the theater room.  I love having the boys play down know...having a space and using it for it's intended purpose.  My house is so assbackwards.

- I think I'm going to decorate Cedric's room with the Montessori theme.  I like everything at his level, and making it his space.  It will nice for him to have a space just for him.  He will be able to grow and explore at his pace and on his terms.  I plan on rearranging Cedric's room very soon.  Down with the crib (he NEVER used) in with stuff hopefully, he will love.

- I love the ages both my boys are at.  Cedric exploring the world, Spen exploring his art and sense of humor.

- I laughed working out with Spen last night...he's becoming so funny and such the little man.

- I still have no idea what I want to do with my would think I'd have a clue.

- I can't wait to have my bedroom's getting there.

- Sometimes, I have this uncanny feeling that I'm being xeroxed.

- I need a pick me up...missing Eric and trying to figure out what I should do for the day... to officially start this day.  I've been on the phone all morning and I'm ready to get out of this house!!!  Have a great week guys!

I'll leave you with a pretty picture I took of Chicago and one that makes me smile : )  I love the old with the new along with nature finding it's way.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter Birthday...

My son and hubby are HUGE Potter heads. They are currently seeing the last movie as I type this.  My son asked me recently if he could have a Harry Potter birthday party.  I love a fun themed party so I have been scouring etsy, and pinterest for ideas and came across some ADORABLE party ideas.

Hoping to make these for a Harry Potter party!

Harry potter party ideas
Harry Potter party
Harry Potter Birthday Party

 Harry Potter Birthday Party 

 Harry Potter party decoration 


 OMG Harry Potter

How stinkin cute!!!  I can't wait.  Now to plan my soon to be 2 year old's Halloween Circus themed party.  I have tons of ideas and am super excited about this as well.  I have already started buying items for the party.  October is a super busy month for us and I want a good start on his party. His birthday is October 28th, so we have started to incorporate our annual Halloween party with his birthday party. Saves on money and gives us a fun theme.  My birthday is October 20th, and I LOVED growing up as a kid having Halloween birthday parties. Ok, off to finish painting I go : (

Wishing everyone a great weekend...