Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter Birthday...

My son and hubby are HUGE Potter heads. They are currently seeing the last movie as I type this.  My son asked me recently if he could have a Harry Potter birthday party.  I love a fun themed party so I have been scouring etsy, and pinterest for ideas and came across some ADORABLE party ideas.

Hoping to make these for a Harry Potter party!

Harry potter party ideas
Harry Potter party
Harry Potter Birthday Party

 Harry Potter Birthday Party 

 Harry Potter party decoration 


 OMG Harry Potter

How stinkin cute!!!  I can't wait.  Now to plan my soon to be 2 year old's Halloween Circus themed party.  I have tons of ideas and am super excited about this as well.  I have already started buying items for the party.  October is a super busy month for us and I want a good start on his party. His birthday is October 28th, so we have started to incorporate our annual Halloween party with his birthday party. Saves on money and gives us a fun theme.  My birthday is October 20th, and I LOVED growing up as a kid having Halloween birthday parties. Ok, off to finish painting I go : (

Wishing everyone a great weekend...

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