Monday, July 18, 2011

Random thoughts...

- I am officially taking back my closets!!!  I will no longer have disappointment written on my face when I open and close them.  I want to enjoy the plethora of storage space I have.  Aka...I'm tossing old junk.  Ha!

- I have started back on a workout routine.  I am determined to be fit, not just skinny.

- I am paying off bills, one payment at a time...ha!  I have A LOT of medical bills from Cedric...and they add up.  Today I paid off first steps!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  I love scratching a bill off my list.

- New outlets and vent covers installed in my bedroom.  All that is left is the ceiling, and some trim.  I will tackle this feat tonight...maybe...

- I have a LONGGGGGG to do list...and I really should be "doing that" instead of "this".

- I love and miss the hubs. 'Tis life and business.

- I'm excited about planning Cedric's Birthday party.

- My basement is clean and ready to start on the theater room.  I love having the boys play down know...having a space and using it for it's intended purpose.  My house is so assbackwards.

- I think I'm going to decorate Cedric's room with the Montessori theme.  I like everything at his level, and making it his space.  It will nice for him to have a space just for him.  He will be able to grow and explore at his pace and on his terms.  I plan on rearranging Cedric's room very soon.  Down with the crib (he NEVER used) in with stuff hopefully, he will love.

- I love the ages both my boys are at.  Cedric exploring the world, Spen exploring his art and sense of humor.

- I laughed working out with Spen last night...he's becoming so funny and such the little man.

- I still have no idea what I want to do with my would think I'd have a clue.

- I can't wait to have my bedroom's getting there.

- Sometimes, I have this uncanny feeling that I'm being xeroxed.

- I need a pick me up...missing Eric and trying to figure out what I should do for the day... to officially start this day.  I've been on the phone all morning and I'm ready to get out of this house!!!  Have a great week guys!

I'll leave you with a pretty picture I took of Chicago and one that makes me smile : )  I love the old with the new along with nature finding it's way.

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