Friday, July 15, 2011


Energy...Dear God it has found me!!!  I guess resting the past few days from my sinus infection has helped me. I have cleaned like a mad woman today.  I finished up the basement...(it was total chaos).  I cleaned the kitchen, washed clothes, vacuumed the first floor and basement.  Not to mention put away dishes, cleaned out the powder room cabinet, and cleaned out my pantry. Painting/decorating the pantry will be a winter project it will be a major overhaul.  This weekend I am DETERMINED to have my bedroom painted and my master bath started if not done.  I want my bedroom back.

Happy thoughts...

- Eric got a raise...always nice...esp since he works like crazy for that company.
- My house is somewhat clean...minus a few rooms...ha!
- I love my boys...all three of them : )
- I love  ...swoon...
- My leg is feeling better...I plan on starting the 30 day shred soon.
- I bought sunflowers to pick me up...and they did : )

- I put in my cinnamon and apples plug in and my house now smells of Fall.
- I found my fabric for my chairs at Marshalls...woo hoo!!!

I googled the fabric and found it for pretty cheap...Yay! Now I just need to order it. ha!

I hope everyone has a great to clean some more...

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