Monday, July 11, 2011

Super sick...

If it wasn't the heat that was driving me crazy today, my lovely head cold/sinus infection was.  I ended up going to urgent care tonight after Eric got home.  The doctor was nuts, but I did get some antibiotics and a nasal spray prescription so I'm a happy camper.  Hopefully, I'll be well soon. I could barely talk today and took a 2.5 hour nap with Cedric.  It was pure bliss.  The nap...lack of vocal function was rather annoying.  I put a tent up for the kids and Ceddy kept trying to run into it. He looked confused when I went to yell stop and my voice came out in spurts and sounded like Barry White.  Spen told me he didn't think I should be talking...hehehee.  I hate being sick...esp with the kids.  Thankfully, Spen is awesome and played around the house today.

*** Pay no attention to my kids clothes...hehehehehee...they are lucky to be dressed today...I felt that bad ***

Cedric pressing his face against the screen

Spen was watching TV paying no attention to me.

Flashlight bandit...

I had a blast in Chicago.  I'm glad I went and can't wait until our trip to NYC this fall.  Squeal!!!  My dream has ALWAYS been to go there.  We will be taking the kids along with us on this adventure.  I'll post more Chicago pics to sleep and try to feel better.  Have a great week guys!!!

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