Sunday, July 31, 2011

{Insert Happy Dance}

I FINALLY purchased fabric for my chairs.  I've been on the fence for awhile.  I wanted something classic, but not boring.  Then I also wanted an eye catcher.  I searched for a small eternity for the perfect fabric and I found it.  Gotcha Storm

I have posted about this fabric before but I couldn't find it anywhere cheap and I wasn't sure about it to be honest.  Well, I went to Hancocks today with the hubs and we saw a sample there.  He loved it.  So  I asked them how much and how long it would take to get it in and I did not like either answers.  So I went home googled it again and found it for $7.75 a yard!!!  I really like it so I can't wait to get it!!!  I'm super nervous about the trim/pipping.  My husband actually sews better than I do, so he's going to be helping me...aka doing it.  I also have another friend who wants to help out.  So I'm sure the chairs will look awesome : )  Hopefully, it turns out.  Now to prep the chairs!!!

New doorknobs.
 I'm such a weirdo and I get on these kicks of wanting to change the smallest details.  But I've always been a firm believer in the little details complete the look.  So...I'm thinking about painting mine.  Eric wants to buy new...I'm thinking Eric will win out if the heat does not let up.  I tried painting a mod chair I have a few days ago.  I was just putting a fresh coat of white on.  I plan on moving it up to the office.  The heat screwed up the way the paint dried. So I will be repainting once the temps lower. My other new obsession is white faux fur.  I'm thinking of buying a throw for the office chair and a possible rug for the bedroom.  We shall see...

Finally, it is taking EVERY ounce of will power not to dye my hair red.  I'm crushing on a deep dark rich red for fall...I do this EVERY year. I go red for fall, dark brown or black for winter and then highlights for spring and summer.  I'm a hair hopper. My friends actually joke about it and say they can tell what season it is by my hair. to bed.  Tomorrow is drawing day for the BabyLegs : )  Wonder who will win : )

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