Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've had ENOUGH...

I've had enough of no organization in this house!!!  Yesterday I snapped and actually got things accomplished.  I sat down and weeded through my makeup drawer, hair product drawer, lotion drawer and junk catch all drawer in my bathroom.  I'm happy to report...all my drawers are clean and organized.  I do want to purchase some more organization holders for the catch all junk drawer.  But YAY!!!  I'm super pumped for being able to find things!!!  I need to replace the lining of the drawers...I may make a trip to the store for that later : ) 

 We took apart the canopy top of our bed last night.  Eric fixed the ceiling.  Long story...but we used to have an 80's brass wicker fan when we moved in and we took it down. I filled in the hole but did a crappy job, so Eric fixed it last night.  He will sand it tonight, prime it and maybe just maybe I will have my ceiling painted tonight.  On to painting the bathroom!!!  I have so many ideas for my bedroom and master bath. 

I'm in LOVE with this bathroom...and it looks like something the hubs and I could TOTALLY do!!!


I also need new bedding...I want simple white bedding.  God help me for doing that...let's see how long it will stay white.

More accessories...more stuff to be rich how lovely that would be : )

I went to my local peddlers mall and saw some great stuff with this trip!!!

Awesome mod glass table!!!  (I love it but not until Cedric is tables and toddlers scare me to death!)


I REAAAAAALLLLYYY Love this chair...too bad I have no home for it : (

I love anything vintage inspired Halloween : )

And this table set was just badass!

Have a great day guys!!! 


Hot Mama said...

I did the same in my kitchen a few years ago, I went one cabinet at a time. I purged like there was no tomorrow and it felt so good! Everyone's got to do that once in a while, I'm glad it made you feel so much better!

~Nikki Pullen said...

Thanks! I do feel better and now I'm motivated to do the rest of the drawer/cabinet at a time : )