Thursday, August 25, 2011

So many little time...

Ok, I have actually been cooking.  I don't think hell has frozen over just yet.  Needless to say it is just crock pot cooking (I'm lazy) but I have been making some yummy dinners.  So yummy Spencer has asked for seconds.  That's how you know it's good when your 8 year old doesn't freak out having to eat more.

Here are few things I have made so far that were really easy and delicious.

Updates...I discovered a thrift store I'm in love with this week.  I had to deliver a clients photos and saw it on the drive over to her house.  I scored a HUGE picture ledge for $3.88.  I plan on painting it and hanging it this weekend.  It's so awesome.  I'm excited.  I also scored two identical vases for my night stands.  Now to find matching lamps I like.  

Yesterday, I met my match with my soon to be 2 year old.  I made a HUGE mistake taking Cedric to story hour with too much energy.  He is going through this phase of independence.  OMG he is too cool for me.  He worked the room like a politician.  Telling everyone hi...patting their legs.  He also LOVES attention and has no fear. The woman in charge told me she had one of those type of little boys.  She said not to worry, he'll end up running a corporation one day.  During the story hour Cedric thought the woman was reading just to him...and felt the need to get as close to her and show her EVERY cool item he thought she should see to impress her....all while she was READING to the group.  He then proceeded to steal her animals off her display board and show them to her and the rest of the group.  It was really comical looking the time not so much.  He was so funny and so sure of himself.  I LOVE that he has confidence.  It was funny, the woman asked if any of the kids could point out a cow from the choice of animals she had on her board.  All the other kids looked like deer in headlights...not my child...he hops off his chair and proudly walks up to her board and says cow...all while pointing to a pig...hehhehehehehehahahahahaa.  In the short 45 minutes while we were there he tried to escape 3 times, take off with someone else's stroller once, and greet every person there at least once.  I had to laugh when he grabbed his backpack...put it on the front of his chest...he doesn't know how to properly put it on yet and tell everyone bye bye while he jetted out of the door.  We hadn't even done the craft yet.  So I brought him back to do our craft, which consisted of him wanting to play with the scissors only.  We soon left...we did not wait around to get our sticker.  While walking out to the car...I'm sure I looked a hot mess.  I had entered the story hour a cool, calm and collected mom.  I exited a sweaty, half dazed, emotionally and physically drained mommy.  I wanted to cry leaving...not because I was mad or upset...I was just that tired and wore out.  I then looked down at my sweet energetic little guy holding my hand and had to laugh.  He was smiling ear to ear.  He didn't do anything wrong...he was just being Cedric.  The entertainer...maybe I should have chosen a different name for him?   He had the greatest time and he was so pleased with himself.  He ended up falling asleep in the car.  All his entertaining wore him out.  So I now have a new strategy.  I plan on having him play A LOT before the next story hour.  Hopefully, wear him out a little so he won't have so much stored energy.  Fingers crossed it works.

Cedric is also entering into the phase of hurting himself NON-STOP.  Yesterday alone he busted his lip and got a huge bruise on his forehead.  He is so busy...and has no fear so he is the kid that is covered in bruises and looks like pig pen.  Hehehehehee.  I plan on buying him a big wheel today.  He needs to work his energy out while seated.  Running right now is not working out so well for him.   He keeps falling.  I also want to buy him a new rug for his play room.  Target has an adorable alphabet rug for $30. 

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

Cedric LOVED the story hour rug so I thought this would be fun for him and he can learn his alphabet.  He now thinks he can read.  It's so cute and funny.  If he sees letters, he yells A,E, I out.  No idea why those letters.  But he thinks he's reading.  He also LOVES books.  He'll grab a book and climb into his little chair and pretend to read while pointing at words.  I LOVE IT!!! to the grocery.  Have a great day guys!


Tiff said...

I love crock pot cooking! It just makes life easier. I've actually bought several crockpot cookbooks!

~Nikki Pullen said...

I'm pretty clueless when it comes to cooking, but I was amazed with how many recipes are out there for crockpots. I'm hooked now : )