Monday, August 1, 2011

Evil me... bedroom is a maze of paint cans, and discarded  brushes or tools everywhere. Projects seem to take a small eternity in my day I will be done painting!!! I had my husband take my bathroom mirror down tonight so I could paint in there...well he placed it alongside the bed...(bad location).while I was painting the bathroom the hubs accidentally rolled over on the bed while watching tv and pushed my bathroom mirror over...the frame is now broken.  I tried to compose myself as I ran to his aid.  I wasn't sure how I should play this move...Should I yell YES!!! or pretend to be heartbroken.  He was trying to lift the huge mirror and it kinda caved in on it's frame.  So I went with heartbroken...I gave Eric this look (totally fake of course) you know the look of wow...I really loved that mirror....(but totally hated it the minute it was hung up and seriously contemplated taking that huge ass thing back but was too lazy.)  And this is why I love my hubby...he laughs and tells me to not even give him that look because he knows I want a new more modern mirror and now he cannot complain about me buying yet another one.  Hahhahaahaaaaa...he knows me too well.   So looks like I will be mirror shopping soon. to eat some ice cream.

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