Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Chapters

Today I went to my son's back to school bash.  My little guy is in the 3rd grade.  I swear I blinked and he grew. He is becoming a preteen.  I can't believe how tall, smart and funny he is becoming.  I can remember when he would tell me his silly little jokes that made no he gets sarcasm.  He is actually pretty funny.  We sit around sometimes just trying to make each other laugh.  I miss my little shadow.  My son was attached to my hip as a baby.  I'm lucky though, he still gives hugs and kisses.  He asks me every night to tuck him in and I do.  I told him I'll have to come over to his house when he's an adult and tuck him and his kids in bed.  He laughed.  

We met with his teacher (she seems sweet) and he saw his friends.  I love his school.  I told him I have a good feeling about this year for him.  He is not so excited for another school year, but what kid is?  he was kinda like a deer in headlights today. 

Then on to my next chapter.  It hit me today as we took down the changing table in my toddlers room.  He is no longer a baby.  We took the crib down the other night and replaced it with a toddler bed.  He LOVED the bed. He thought he was just like his older brother.  I don't want to jinx myself, but for two nights in a row he has climbed right up into his bed and crashed.  Thanks GOODNESS!!!  Took me forever to get my oldest in his own bed.  {Back to a new chapter} My baby is no longer a baby.  His room is a pint sized version of his older brothers.  It about broke my heart handing the changing table up to my husband to be put away in the attic tonight.  On to a new chapter I guess.  I told my husband how I felt and he feels the complete opposite. Ha...such a  man!!! He said he's excited and loves that he is becoming a little boy.  We are in the process of rearranging the boys rooms.  Spencer's is becoming more grown up and Cedric's room is being updated for his independence.  Toddler proofing is so much more complex than baby proofing.  I went with a Montessori theme for his room.   Everything is at his level.  It kinda feels weird because everything is pretty small and I feel like a giant in there...but it's better for self and environmental discovery.  He is able to get what ever he wants at what ever time he wants.  He is in control in his's his space.  Toddler proofing though...sheeshhhhh...especially for a BUSY toddler...totally different classification.  

Ok, I'm to sleep.

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