Sunday, August 21, 2011

Being true to one self...(warning a rant post)

It's funny when realizations come to you in the fleeting moments of being a parent.  It's like a lightening bolt that infiltrates your mind and you realize that's a great moment to make a point, teach a life lesson and spread your beliefs.  I was listening to Lady Gaga in the car with Spencer today. Born This Way was playing.  My 8 year old is way wise beyond his years, so I can always level with him.  He asked me what the song was about and I broke it down for him.  Then I flipped it and let him know why it's so important to be who you are.  It seems more and more of the ugliness of society is creeping in our doors.  From commercials to horrid TV shows. Last year my son came home telling me his friends had Jordans and he had no idea why they were so 'special" of a shoe.  He said it's just someones name...I laughed and loved his pure spirit.  There is a really ugly image out there that society is trying to sell and I don't want my kids buying.  I live in suburbia.  I love my house and my neighbors, but I hate all the keeping up with the Joneses.
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 I totally get wanting nice things...dressing nice and wanting to feel good about your accomplishments.  But so many people go way beyond that...  It's amazing how surreal it is. They want to obtain that "image"  the image that doesn't exists.  People are so consumed with image and wants they don't see the bigger picture. People think that what materials they give their kids are way more important than time spent with them.   They blow money on an image when they should be paying their bills, and it's all fake.  I sometimes feel like I'm trapped in a bad chapter of Peyton Place.  Where all the wives are pumped full of antidepressants and the husbands "work" all week only to disappear when real parenting is needed.  Eric and I are amazed with how weird and ass backwards most the people are around here.  Marriages aren't teamwork... a lot of the wives have jumped back from the women's right movement and are slaves to their families. It's funny I get "judged" because my husband cooks and does the laundry most of the time. I'm a stay at home mom.   I totally get dedicating your life for your family. But I don't get or care what school your child attends, what sport your child plays, or what job your husband does...what type of person are you?   That's the question I feel like asking some of the women I come into contact with.  I get stares when I wear what I want and do my hair how I like.  I'm a pretty modest person so it's comical to see how just being different at all gets the attention it does.   I got daggers when I wore a pro Obama t-shirt around my son's school.  One would have thought I had leprosy.  I am who I am...always will quoting Ron Whitehead from  my youth pertaining to BTGOG....

I Will Not Bow Down America  

I have a feeling we will be moving sometime in the future...and I hope my children don't get consumed with the image that is knocking at our front door.

If I can say real...

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