Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day of School...

The summer is now over and school is back in session.  Today Eric and I walked Spencer into his class.  He was ready and a little bit nervous.  I gave him a hug goodbye (no kiss...he's too cool for that) and then I was off. His teacher seems super sweet and his class is filled with all his close friends so I have a feeling this will be a good year : )  I can remember having butterflies the first day and seeing my mom whisk away out of site from my classroom door.  I remember how my heart sank and the real butterflies would settle in. I'm sure his butterflies will be gone in no time, especially since he is sitting next to his friend and partner is talking.  

It's not a school morning if Spencer hasn't spilled something on himself ; )  He was happy with his backpack    : )

New shoe love...he has been begging to wear these bad boys since we bought them.  He thinks he is super cool since his dad had these when he was a "skater" are funny. subject.  My bedroom.  I bought some sheer panels for my bedroom windows to go under my current curtains.  Ummmmm...yeah...I feel awful.  I had my husband fabricate my old rods so everything would fit together perfectly.  After I hung one pair and stepped back I hated it.  It looked like an old woman's bedroom.  Eric agreed and happily removed them.  I am cleaning my bedroom out.  Minimalist is the new catch phrase in there.  Not sure what bedding I will use.  It's coming together awesome though. I have been searching for lamps and flowers for my room.  No luck yet.  I started working on my chairs.  I have the blisters to prove said work.  I have all the fabric off, now I just have to pull the extra staples out.  Yuck!!!   It's very time consuming.  I want to hurry and get it prepped for painting.  Eric will do that with his paint gun.  I have a heavy hand and almost always leave drips. to clean...Eric decided to have a cub scout meeting at my house...and it's tomorrow.  So off to finish cleaning I go.  Have  a great week guys!!! 

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