Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The wake you leave behind...

{ What will be the wake you leave behind... } I heard that term the other day while listening to an authors interview on NPR.  Those words resonated in my mind.  People like to think of the life they lived, but what about the continuance of that life?  What will be the little ripples of your footprint that transfer over on to the ones that surround you and even the ones that do not?  I want to leave a wake that will warm a heart, inspire the meek and give a smile.

A few of my life mantras/ life guidelines in no particular order...

- Go at least one place every year you have NEVER been.

- Laugh as often and as hard as possible.

{ My two smiling boys }

- Tummies are meant to be tickled...not matter how big the kid is...

- BE SILLY and SILLY often!!!  Your kids will thank you for this!!!

 { The hubs and I are a pair not afraid to make an ass out of our selves and yes we wore this in public...Party on Wayne... }

- Watch at least one sunset and sunrise each summer...even if it means dragging the kids from their beds...this is a moment meant to be shared.

-  Do not care what others think of you or say about cannot control people's thoughts.

 - Give pity to the people who are mean or negative to you. They are not happy within their own life.

-  Let go of the negative people in your life. They will only  hold you down.

-  Love your loved ones with all your heart.

 { The love between a Daddy and his boy }

 - Sneak in kisses at the moments they are not expecting them...this works for hugs and jokes as well ; )

- EVERYONE must own at least one pair of ugly, comfy shoes, jeans and a sweater.  For the days when you need them and fashion is not a priority.

- Tell the ones you love them that you do....and often.

- Let your kids believe in magic...they're only a child once...

{ Spen and his phase of "being" Harry Potter }

- Let go of the past.  It's just going to bum you out, wear you down and take you no where...instead keep your eyes, mind and soul on the horizon and walk forth.

- Take time to go out and do the little things and truly enjoy them...See the magic in the night and feel it's beauty : )

{ State Fair last year...I snapped a quick pic...and glad I did. }

- To hell with never going to sleep angry with your need sleep!!!  Sometimes hearts heal best after a goodnight sleep. The anger subsides and you realize how truly trivial that spat was.

- Never judge someone by what they wear, live, or believe in.  But I will totally own up to judging a person on their character.  How someone treats others (esp children) says, a lot about their character and if I want to call them a friend.

- Surround yourself with people you would want to be stuck on a deserted island with.  Kinda makes you weed out the jerks ; )

{ My wonderful friends }

- Let your friends know you love them { Friends, I love you...heh } and be honest with them when they hurt your feelings, or make you feel loved.  Let them know either way.

 - Be as honest and open to your spouse or partner.  I never understand why people carry secrets or don't share their thoughts with their partners.

- Treat you children like people too.  I really hate seeing children being belittled, or treated as little aliens, they have minds, feelings and hearts too...respect them.

- Take as many photos, even if they do not turn out, or no one ever sees them.  They are your treasured memories.

- Never compare yourself to someone else, you're beautiful the way you are.  Cheesy yes, but the truth.

- Marriage between whom ever, boy girl, girl girl, boy boy is all about partnership.  Do not be the weight that drags your partner down, or the body that does not help.  A successful partnership needs teamwork and not just one person doing it all. 

{ Being silly together on our wedding disrespect Mrs. Jackson }

- Homes do not have to look perfect, be perfect or feel perfect, they are supposed to feel like a home.

- Be as positive as you can, little ears are listening with open minds.  Your children are the sponges walking among you daily and don't put your baggage onto them.

- and lastly remember the compliments you have been given and remember them most importantly when you need them : ) { Esp...after two kids and many pounds gained later }

{ My wedding day...I felt like a princess...oh, and no I did not get married in a was a little chapel by one and this picture was snapped while walking from the pond. }

(Honestly, I have a really hard time with some of my mantra's.  It's hard for me to ignore mean or rude people. I wear my heart on my sleeve but I'm working on that ; )  What are some of your important mantra's or life guidelines?  

Have a great day guys!!!


Olah Momma! said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely photos, and what an awesome family!

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~ Nikki said...

Thanks!!! I will follow back and check out your Momma's Lounge : )

CaveGirl said...

I love this post! it's very inspiring, thank you!

~ Nikki said...

Thanks!!! I'm a hippie at heart : )