Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Saugatuck In Pics...

The hubby and I drove over to Saugatuck last week with the kids.  I was told by a close friend it was a must and I'm so glad I listened!!!  It's a little artist community full of fun finds and unique pieces.  

I only snapped a few pics...but here they are...

 A fun little retro shop.

I know a few ladies who I could buy this game for ; )

I loved this texture...Saugatuck was a place straight out of the movies.  Coffee shops, artists and beautiful aged homes.  My heart went swoon.  I think every now and again you have to get away and visit places you never would find yourself again.  Collecting beautiful life memories is becoming a serious hobby of mine : )

 Their streets were like the ones you read about in stories describing the great north lakes.  Little coastal hubs of greatness.  I loved the architecture. Pure eye candy for the soul : )

If you are ever in Michigan be sure to check this little town out along with Holland...true gems of America : )

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