Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day...

This morning my oldest son greeted my hubby Eric with a bowl of his favorite cereal and a Happy Fathers Day saying.  Eric beamed ear to ear.  My God, my hubby is awesome.  Yes, he drives me crazy and yes there are days when I question his sanity concerning computers, games or new building plans, but never have I doubted him as a Father.  When Eric and I married he married not only me, but Spencer as well.  The two of us were a packaged deal.  I'll never forget the days when we dated how natural his love for Spencer was. He was so kind and patient with Spencer.  He loved Spen for who was, not because he was my son, or because he was trying to impress me.  He took Spencer on as his son.  A lot of men cannot do that.  Eric has loved Spencer with his full heart from the beginning.  I'll never forget when I miscarried and there was a chance I could not have anymore children. I cried to him telling him I was sorry.  He told me he was already given a child through Spencer and he was perfect for him. Then when Cedric was born nothing changed.  He still loved Spencer fully. He wanted to incorporate Spencer in every aspect of Cedric's arrival. I think you can tell a lot about a persons character when things like that happen.  He spoils both boys to the extreme, but both equally.  The term step child does not exist in our vocabulary.  He has two sons and he adores both.   Eric is a really great dad.  Never have a felt like I was alone in my parenting.  He has been there during every sickness, scrap or fall.  My hubby has done his share of baby rocking and diaper changing. He is so funny with Cedric and he helps out beyond my wildest expectations.  I love my hubby so much.  I can never seem to find the words to convey how truly awesome he is.  He's not masterfully cool, or fathers knows best but somewhere in the middle is Eric...and he's perfect for us : )  He has the ability to be silly, selfless and wise all at the right moments life calls for them.  My children are so lucky to have a dad like him and I'm so blessed to call him my husband and best friend.

  I hope everyone out there shares their love with the fathers in their life.  Let them know how special they are and how truly precious the gift of being a dad is. Have a great day guys!!!

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