Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm still alive...

Sorry guys for being AWOL lately. I have not abandoned my poor blog...I have just been incredibly busy. As for all my new followers...if I'm not following your blogs let me know and I will follow back ; )

I'm excited for summer this year.  It's going to be a fabulous one filled great memories and fun times.  Tomorrow we start it off with a mini BBQ.  I was going to throw a big one but I found out we will be traveling to Holland Michigan soon and I need to prepare for that.  Nothing like an impromptu trip ; )   I LOVE Holland.  It's a wonderful little town with a great beach and fun little shops.  The kids are going to have  so much fun.  I'll be sure to document this adventure with video and pictures.  There is an awesome second hand shop there full of nothing but mid century furniture.  Who knows what I may bring home with me.

I am determined to get buff...ok...let me rephrase that term buff...buff as in I can proudly sport a tank top and not feel like my arms are flapping in the wind ; )   I've been lifting weights nightly.  I can feel a difference....just not see one yet.  I have also started doing sit-ups and crunches nightly.  Swim suit season is upon us and I really do not feel like scaring small children with my body.

I have been so busy.  I have not had any time to work on this house.  The yard sale was a success.  I sold $317 worth of stuff.  I got rid of my bedroom decor so now I'm forced to find new.  I've been going back and forth on a paint color.  My friend is going to help me refinish my King Louis chairs for my bedroom.  I am on the fence about that as well.  I can't find the perfect fabric.  I need to settle on one and just buy it.  Sheeeshhhh...I want my bedroom to be magically painted and completed.

Here are some inspiration fabric pics for the chairs...

I thought about using a chevron print...but figured it would be really hard keeping the lines straight with the fabric.  Here are my thrift store find chairs I got for only $14 EACH!!!

If any of you guys know of an awesome fabric for these chairs send me a link!!!  I'm not sure what I'm going to do just yet.

Here are some inspiration pics for my bedroom...

I like different aspects from each room...

I know I just want my bedroom to be peaceful and relaxing.  I want it to be my space...and right now I hate it.  I'm having the hardest time deciding on a paint color.  I want a gray, but am terrified it will be too sterile feeling.  I know I can add warmth by accessories and all that jazz...I'm just not sure what I want...hence why it's in the state it is in currently.

I'm going to "try" notice the word try to put some floating shelves on two walls above my staircase.  This shall be interesting.  Especially when I mentioned it to the hubs... he laughed.  I think it can be when and how I'm just not sure on.

 I love the fabric and color palette in this picture.  This is what I want for my now I just need to make it happen. to snuggle with the hubs...the kids are asleep and I have ice cream and a movie waiting for me : )  Have a great weekend guys!!!


After tossing and turning last night because I'm a nerd and could not stop thinking about my bedroom makeover I decided on a wall color!!!  Laaaaaaaa...insert angelic singing here : )   I'm going with a brownish gray.  I love gray but this way the room will have more of a warm feeling ; )  Also, it will not clash with the carpeting.  Now to find new wall decor, curtains, bedding and fabric. to clean and get ready for the BBQ.  Silly update..


TV's Take said...

Love Love Love all those room designs. Have a great week!

Nikki P. said...

Thanks!!! You too : )