Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shopping in Holland Michigan...

Ok, this past week I went on a kinda impromptu trip to Holland Michigan with the hubs.  He had to go for work so the family tagged along.  I knew we were going to go, but the date kinda came up a little faster than I was anticipating.  So we were doing mad dash packing the day before.  Gotta love that.

Ok, the trip had some awesome finds!!!  I plan on up loading a vlog about the trip, but am too tired to deal with editing video.  So pics will have to do for right now ; )

I heart this store in so many ways my pocket book does not seem to understand!!!  But one day I shall buy the hubs this chair...I'm in love with this chair too ***insert drool, swoon and every other ounce of longing here***

 The hubs has wanted an Eames lounge chair for a small eternity and one day he will have one ; )

The hubby was nice enough to wait in the car after a long day of work so I could run in kid free and enjoy this pure nirvana all by myself.  SQUEAL!!!!

I think I'm going to get something like this for the family room.

 My crappy cell phone pics did not do this store justice. I was in love and did not want to leave. shopping adventure...

I LOOOOOVVVEEEE this mod second hand store Second Chance Designs.  If you are ever in Holland MI be sure to stop by and see all the pretties : )

I will have to say their prices have gone up since my last visit...but it was nice eye candy for my soul : )

I was kinda bummed at their T.J.Maxx...Full of picked over stuff...and nothing really eye catching.

But their Gap outlet...OMG!!!

Let's just say momma had fun and saved a BUNCH of money in the process : )

 Laaaaaaaaa...I love a good deal and heart an even better one!!!

Then we hit the outlets in Indiana.  I plan on having a girls trip up there some time soon.  I was in LOVE!!!


I even managed to give myself a mini mani while I was up there : )

I had a blast last week...a few trying times ( I took two kids to the beach by myself...need I say more?) My youngest has no fear and kept laying down in the water.  I'll update with more pics and videos of the week later.  Off to the Greek festival today!!!  Have a great weekend guys!!!

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