Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dream A Little Dream...

Ok, anyone who knows me, knows I'm a career hopper.  I get antsy and I want to do something else. Something different.  I don't plan on giving up photography, but I do want to spice it up a bit.  I wanted to go back for graphic design...BUT realistically, I can't right now. Before that was a medical degree and I had to scale back my aspirations due to reality.  I really do not want to acquire anymore debt until all our current debt is paid off.  The joys of being a responsible adult.  Currently, paying off a mouthful of over $5,000 worth of braces not including some lovely credit cards ; ) With school, I wouldn't qualify for aid so everything would have to come out of pocket...oh joy.  Eric paid off his student loans a few years back and it's nice to not have student loans looming over our heads.

I do plan on going back to school...just not so sure when I will be able to.  I also plan on having another baby...that too...not so sure on the timing.  So...this leads me to my new current adventure.  I have to laugh as I type this...just because it seems so silly and yet something that is so perfectly me.  Drum roll...I'm tossing the idea around of becoming a wedding and event planner.  My friends have told me I would be perfect for this for a long time.  I practically run the wedding when I shoot one as a wedding photographer.  I love planning, decorating and the whole concept organization of a party.  I get a slight high walking through party supply stores and enjoying eye candy on the internet of awesome parties.  We shall see where this leads me.  I'm looking into taking some courses and getting accredited. Eric is on board with this.  He thinks I'm crazy and wonders when he will have his chance to quit work and start his own arcade store...ummm...I tell him as soon as I start making $100k.
{A gal can dream}

Since I'm already known as the party lady I figure why not get paid for it : ) I'm excited and plan on starting classes ASAP.  So we shall see where this goes...No matter what...the classes are not very pricey so if this little adventure leads me no where, I'll at least know how to throw better parties ; )

and hopefully, I will make goddess Martha proud ; )

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