Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We've graduated!!!

Ok, typing those words...and taking in a big sigh of relief.  My little guy has now been discharged from first steps!!!  Yay!!!  Let the celebration begin!  For those of you who are new to my blog let me explain.  My little guy was born with SEVERE acid reflux.  He was hospitalized soon after being born with turning blue and not breathing.  His reflux was causing him to choke and not be able to breath properly. He was soon put on medicine which somewhat controlled that.  From the reflux he developed an eating disorder...I know crazy right?  But he learned to associate food with pain and had issues with taste and texture.  He was HYPER sensitive to taste and texture to the point he would gag, and vomit on anything thicker than stage one baby food.  He was then placed in first steps (he had feeding therapy) and weekly a therapist would come out to the house.  His therapist discovered he was tongue tied, so he had surgery to have it clipped.  Then he took off with eating.  He can now eat ANYTHING!!!  I would never have guessed I would be so happy to have a baby eating me out of house and home. Ha!  But he eats like a champ.  He is such a special little guy.  His therapist did her evaluation on him today and he was advanced in a lot of the different sections of the evaluation.  He has came so far, so fast.  I'm really proud of him.  It's so nice to not have to worry about him choking, or gagging.  It's also nice to not have meal time be such an ordeal.  I'm over the moon with his progress and am amazed by how smart and determined he is. We're blessed.  I've read horror stories of eating disorders among children.  I swear this journey of motherhood is never easy, but it's days like this that make me appreciate the little things.  Little steps that end up to long journeys.  I feel like dancing and singing we've made it!!!  So, the evaluation found Cedric to be completely on target with his eating and speech.  So insert happy dance, and let the parade begin!!!

Below are some pics of my two favorite guys playing outside being little boys.  Going "bye-bye' has become Cedric's new catch phrase.  It's cute, but he drags you to the back door and demands you go outside.  Once outside he transforms into a little boy who has to have his chalk in one hand and a ball in the other

 Spencer is such a great big brother!!!  Cedric adores him.  They love playing together.

 I love this pic...I love how he's such a little boy...messy hair, dirty hands and face and you know he's happy as he can be.

Cedric LOVES Spencer and follows him around like a little lost puppy.  I love seeing the bond they share together grow each day....becoming best friends.

Baby no longer...on the journey into little-boyhood here we go...

I thank is good tonight : )  I have been up since 6:30am ...I had an orthodontist appointment this morning, Ceddy's evaluation and Spencer had a dental today has been insane with the appointments and running around like a Mrs. Taxi Driver.  So with that...I'm off to sleep... Goodnight guys.

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Joe's blog said...

I'm so happy for you.
You know, I really know how it is for a mom when her child is ill and doesn't want to eat.
It's horrible.
Great he is okay now!
Sooooo cute!!!