Thursday, May 26, 2011


Ok, I just wrote a not so positive blog about some people and decided not to post it.  I will not let others bring me down...enough about that : )

Ok, yesterday I had to go spend over $300 on a portable ac unit.  It saddens me to no end on having to waste/make an investment into a piece of plastic when I would have rather bought soooooooo many other things.  But tis life.  So the jest on the ac unit.  We have a pretty big house, but one central air unit.  When my house was built they did not zone levels as they do now.  We looked into installing another unit...hehehehehahahahahaha. $$$$  So instead we bought a portable ac unit.  I must say it works AWESOME!!!  I'm hoping it will lower our energy bill since we should be able to lower the ac at night.  The upstairs has a noticeable temperature change in the summer.  So hopefully, the little ac unit will help out.  It's actually kinda cool that you can move it around and it's not as noticeable as a window unit.  I've talked with neighbors and apparently it's a big topic for conversation.  None of these houses have 2 units and with 3,000 square feet of space, they should.  So as I drove off from lowes a part of me was happy and another part was sad for buying it.

I stopped by a peddlers mall yesterday and wanted to share my finds.  Granted I did not buy anything.  I am on a new kick that I will not purchase anything unless I have a home for it.  I saw some cute stuff...but no home for them so they stayed.

If my garage was not in the state it is I would have scooped these up!!! 

This bedroom suit would be awesome painted!!!

 Ok, I LOVE anything over-sized.  I almost bought these scissors...and kinda wished I had for only 5 bucks.  I could have put them in our craft room downstairs.

 I love anything vintage.

 Totally crushing on milk glass right now...

 I had to laugh because we had chairs VERY similar to these in the 80's.

 I LOVEDDDDDDD this and almost bought it.

 This was a cool piece too.

 I smiled.

 I love old cans...but I did not want to buy them.  I'm not that big of a hoarder yet.

 My childhood...

 I just had to snap a picture of this...I'm sure someone else saw this and thought it would go perfectly in their so much...

Doesn't everyone have or need a square dancing dress?  This reminds me of my old elementary teacher...she made us square dance for any occasion she could think of.
 Thank GOD for modern wash machines.

 Ok, I almost bought this mirror and am debating on going back.  I thought it would look AWESOME painted high gloss white and it was only $12!!!  But, I will think about I said...I couldn't come up with the perfect home for it.
 I LOVED these little tables...perfect for my bedroom.  I was leaning towards the pedestal table.  Painted and nestled between my two king Louis chairs...perfect!

I thought these little guys would make fun bookends painted high gloss something or another...hehehe.

 I LOVED this vase...but no it stayed.

Ok, after looking over my finds...I wish I had bought some of them...maybe this weekend we will go back...Hummmmmm...have a fabulous day guys!!!

4 comments: said...

LOVE the mirror and for $12!!! Where do you love? Nothing is that cheap here (Colorado). I also would have bought the yellow ceramic piece in the last photo. I am a saver but would have parted with the change for those cheap and GREAT items. Good hunting! Kristy from

Nikki P. said...

I live in Louisville, KY. Where do you live in Colorado? I used to live there when I was little. I have sooooo many things I need to part with before I bring more into my house : ( But I'm totally thinking about going back to scoop those finds up..heh. Thanks for stopping by!!! I'll check your blog out : )

I'm Busy Procrastinating said...

You're killing me that you didn't buy that mirror. I've been looking for one locally since I've seen photos of similar ones painted in bright colors. Seriously -- run and buy it, now! Is that the Middletown Peddlers?

Nikki P. said...

I know...I should have bought it...{insert swift kick here} I live in Middletown but really do not like their peddlers mall. Inside secret is their vendors mostly buy their stuff from the cheaper peddlers malls further out in the county or the thrift store in J-town. This peddlers mall was in Hillview. I HIGHLY recommend it!