Monday, May 2, 2011

Lazy day happenings...

Right now I'm sitting here with a head ache.  My allergies are in full swing and I just want to crawl back into bed.

Current dislikes:

- Racist people who feel the need to spit-forth useless information as if the whole world agrees with incessant babbling...really?

- Looking around my office to discover Eric has stolen my good pens!!! (I shall let this slide because I'm nice)

- Insecure women...and the poor choices they make.

- My head ache...please go away.

- I now have a new obsession with making sure the lights are turned off...electricity isn't peeve about this is...I'm old now.  I'm becoming my father  :(

- Spen's asthma is kicking in.  He is home with me today with a horrible cough.

- I need to work out..and have no real energy or desire to do so : (

- Cedric's new phase of independence...aka...I want to run around like a crazy toddler without any boundaries. ...funnnnnnnnnnn....

- The rain...please go away...

- Death...the world lost a really wonderful lady this past week and it sucks.

Current likes: ( I can't end with negativity)

- gray and new bedroom palette : )

- Adding spice to life and changing around the norm.

- Being original...even if it means I'm xeroxed a million times.

- Shooting happy weddings.  I had fun shooting a fun couple this weekend...people like them are why I do what I do : )

- Being in love with my hubs...he is my rock.

- Planning our summer vacation.  I need the beach, the waves and sun.

- Having an intelligent 8 year old son.  I swear he amazes me each day.  Yesterday was his visit with his biological father.  The past few visits have been rough ones.  While we were talking he informed me his dad was like the sun, everyone got a different view of him.  He said he acts differently in front of different people.  OMG my kid is awesome and so well grounded.  I was shocked...he is so smart.  I just hope he doesn't take it personally.  An asshole is an asshole to everyone...not just him.  Hopefully, he gets it.

- Our up coming canoeing trip.  I love the outdoors, and challenging myself in a new way.

- My hair seems to finally be growing...small victory.

- Making conversation with complete strangers, and laughing like old friends.  I love when you are able to let your guard down and let the world in.

- I will say marching to the beat of your own drum gets tiring...and being the different one, is sometimes exhausting, but I would not have it any other way...why join their parade when you can start your own?

I have been M.I .A for a few days.  I've been thinking about some things and trying to get some things together...along with working and being sick.  Off to send emails and make phone calls.  With all the rain I think I'll leave you with a little sun...

If I close my eyes, I can still feel the wind on my face, sand beneath my feet and the sun whispering it's goodbye...

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