Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I think I lost my mind...

I think I lost it somewhere between giving a damn and caring what others think. Ha!

Eric is gone and I'm stressed to the max...I have a kid with asthma that won't stop barking and another kid that won't stop crying.  I'm a few cries away from rocking myself in the corner dressed up like baby Jane.

Shheeeeeshhhhhh...this week is stressing me out.  Yoga...tonight...yes please.  I found out I'm going to have to be escorted around at one of the events this weekend. This makes me nervous...I feel like I have to get the best shot...and I only get one try.  Hopefully, they will let me know who I'll see...I'm out of the loop with some celebrities.   I also need to come up with something to wear to the derby events.  My friend said it best...I'm there to make money...not spend it.  I also have to be comfortable.  I would LOVE to look fabulous...but my camera is extremely heavy...and I will be having to walk all evening.  The weather is also calling for rain.  So I think I'll be wearing my ballet flats and black teacup dress.

Here is the dress...

Paired with a cute raincoat...and I'll be adorable if I do say so myself : )
I just have no idea what I will wear on Derby night.  Hummmm.....I have a few days to figure it out.  I made an appointment to get my hair cut and highlighted.  I had planned on doing it anyway...this weekend just put a rush on the process.

I'm two damn pounds away from my goal weight.  TWO!!!  Water water water...and no more snacking : )
Yoga and sit ups to follow.

I have been searching for the perfect fabric for my bedroom curtains and I'm coming up short.  Oh well...I have to have patience...I don't want to settle again.  I hate when I do that and I'm stuck with something I usually grow to hate.

Ok...off to get my downward dog on...have a good night.


Tiff said...

Nikki, I know you will reach your two pound goal and look great! I think the dress is super cute too!

Nikki P. said...

Thanks!!! I know two pounds is silly...but it's a mental thing...hehehehee. My goal is 125...and I've hit the road block.(road block of cookies,and sweets.. ha) Have a great week : )