Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Super excited!!!

Ok, anyone who knows me, knows I love having people over.  Well, usually I have a BBQ to start summer off.  Kinda a farewell to the school year.  The kids run around like crazy playing inside and out and the adults talk, eat and play board games.  Well, I have my theme for this year...MUSTACHES!!!  I love all the vintage themes going around and I stumbled upon some cute items for my party.  I LOVE etsy, but am beyond cheap and crafty and usually make everything myself.  I just use etsy for ideas...sorry guys.  So here are some of my treasured finds!!!

My friend Sarah and I can totally whip these out in no time.  Just something fun for us to do and have at the BBQ. 

Then I stumbled upon the game of all games...

Laaaaaa...and the clouds parted...and angels sang.  I love me some smokey and this will be the finishing touch to a perfect BBQ!!!  Hehehehehhahahahahaa...I can't wait!!!

Have a great day guys!!!

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