Sunday, May 22, 2011

Quite the busy week...

Ok...I will apologize for this post being long, and full of randomness...I'm going to attempt to cram the past few days into one post.  

I have been so busy lately...the past few days have been nuts.  Spencer had field day Friday and cub scout graduation Saturday...and a lot of of crazy in between. 

Cub Scout graduation...

My little guy moved up to a Bear!

Eric passing out coins.

It was cute seeing all the boys checking out their new books.

 It was hot...and the boys had been running around like crazy...but they were having a blast.

Here, I am putting on Spen's new neckerchief. 

 Cub Scout oath...

Ceddy watching the boys. ( He is obsessed with Thomas now..hence his shirt or shall I say, choo choo)

Spen loves his dad and Eric is an amazing father.  You can just see all the love in Spen's face..  These two are two peas in a pod.

Field day...sorry for the crappy images but I was lugging around a cooler for the class, trying to keep an eye on Cedric and cheer Spen on...all while snapping photos with my cell phone.

 Spen has the biggest crush on the's adorable.

 Spen doesn't get chicks...they tease you because they like you...DUH...

The shoe grave yard...

 Ok, I was one of "those" moms who swore off harnesses.  That was when I was graced with a calm child.  Baby number 2...wild as they come and as fast as lightning.He is lucky his butt is not stapled down.

 Funny story here...Ceddy found himself a little girlfriend...even better...she was not even in Spencer's class.  She was super sweet and cute.

He LOVED her.  It was super cute, he climbed up into her lap and just sat and watched the other kids play.

 Spen getting his jump on...

Today we went on a quick picnic to Tyler park. I love this park for so many reasons but mainly because they have an enclosed toddler play area.  It is a fun park with some wonderful memories so I had to smile walking around with the kids.

Daddy swinging Cedric.  This kid LOVES to swing.

Spen HATES having his picture taken...I feel horrible because I know it looks like I favor Ceddy...but Spen runs when the camera is here he somewhat fakes a smile.  He's entering into the preteen state of being...oh so fun emo preteen angst.

The many faces of Eric..

I love this bridge...(during daylight..heh...not so much at night)

 Finally, a real smile...

It decided to storm on the way home...

The pics are out of order...but I'm tired so work with me...this was from our new family tradition of nightly walks.  I can't wait for summer...I plan on spending as much time out side as possible.

Ceddy was in his pjs...

There is a story to this...Spen's friend spent the night last night and they wanted to ride the go-kart.  Well, while I was pulling it out of the garage Cedric decided he HAD to ride it.  He grabbed the helmet and tried to put it on.  I swear he's his father's child.

I pulled him around on it and he thought he was riding was really cute.

I thought this was funny...Eric decorated the crayon at Pizza Hut last night while it took a small eternity for our time the kids want pizza...we will have it delivered to us.

More park pics...

Spen is such an awesome brother...

Cedric thought it was hysterical I was at the bottom of the slide...granted I almost got stuck...heh.

Ok...enough with the pictures...I hope you guys had a great to relax I go!!!

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