Sunday, May 15, 2011

Busy busy busy...

I have been so busy this weekend!!!  Saturday I went on a hike with the cub scouts.  It turned out to be an awesome hike.  It rained or shall I say poured on the drive up.  We dawned our ponchos and prepared for a torrential down pour.  It was lightly raining as we all gathered before the hike...then it stopped.  The rain actually brought in cool air so it was a really pleasant hike.  Nothing worse than hiking in the heat.  The kids had a blast, as did the parents.  It was our first hike without Ceddy.  I felt naked without him.  That kid is attached to my hip, but with the weather how it was and how dangerous the hike could be, we decided to have grandma watch him.  On the ride up I kept feeling like I forgot something...and then I kept wanting to see how he was doing in the back seat.  I hate that feeling!!!  Cedric loves I'm sure we will go hiking soon before the weather gets too hot.  For Eric's birthday I plan on taking him on a canoe trip.  Just us and some friends.  I've never been so this shall be interesting. 

We have been playing catch up with laundry today and shopping for household items...nothing super fun...just the stuff that has to get done.

Below are some pics from the weekend...sorry for the crappy shots..but I used my cell phone...

These steps were VERY slippery...Eric learned that the hard way...or shall I say his backside did.

 Spens best friends.

This picture reminds me of Spen when he was little.

 You never see MPH signs for 23...hummmm....weird.

 The skies were beautiful on the way home.

 Dirty shoes...equal a good hike...

 The kids getting ready for the hike...

 Yes...they dressed alike on purpose and yes...they bought matching hats on purpose.

Yes, I am fully aware of how geeky I look...yes I am supporting a hiking fanny pack (but Sarah and I are bring it back and it's pink so it's ok) and yes, I am wearing my hubby's shirt...I don't own clothes with color.

 On top of natural bridge.

I was TOTALLY freaking out up here.  I have a little fear of cliffs and ummm....yeah...adding kids to the mix did not help.  I went and looked at the edge,but did not sit down.

It was really good for the kids to challenge themselves...I'm proud of the boys...they did an awesome job.

I have some pics from Friday, but I'll post about that's 12am and I need to go to bed.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


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Nikki P. said...

Will do! Thanks for stopping by!!!