Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's nap time here....

Ceddy is taking a nap and I'm fighting the urge to join him.

I had to take on momma tiger form today and go talk to Spen's principle.  Here is the jest of the story.  Spen was playing flag tag yesterday in P.E.  Some kid grabbed his flag off his belt before he had the chance to put the belt fully on.  This upset spen because he was out before he had the chance to play.  So he started crying.  He's 7, and I'm not ashamed of a boy who cries.  I'd rather him have his emotions out than in.  But anyhoo, his jerk of a P.E. teacher tells Spen to stop and that he "wasn't going to deal with it".  He then told Spen to sit out.  He later told Spen's fellow teammates to not unfreeze Spen because he will only cry if he gets his flag taken away.  This was a whole lot of wrong on soooooo mannnnnnny levels!!!  These kids are in the 2nd grade.  If a kid cries you do "deal with it".  That is your job.  Second he is setting up the image it's ok to pick on Spen because he will cry if he gets out.  I've talked with a lot of parents and he's had a lot of issues with picking on kids and saying inappropriate things.  So I went and discussed things with the principle.  I demanded an apology to Spen and told her this guy should not be an elementary teacher.  He has no tact nor common sense when it comes to dealing with young kids.  I informed the principle I have been a soccer coach, sunday school teacher and camp counselor along with my husband who is the cub scout den leader for their ages and we would never dream to treat a child like that.  I told her his job as an elementary school P.E. teacher is to teach physical education promote good health and to build their self confidence.  She told me he had some rough edges in the past and she has worked with him.  I told her he apparently has not learned from his past mistakes.  She told me he had a good heart.  I told her that was great, but this is my son's reality and memories he is shaping.  You can't call a kid out and belittle him in front of the class.  I will not stand for it.  I love my hubby to death.  He wanted to go there and have a talk with her himself, but couldn't due to work.  But he was so livid himself.  He loves Spen so much and will not stand for that.  From what I gather this guy is a wannabe football star from U of L and he lives in his past.  It's sad but Spen told me last year that he only likes the jocks.  WTH?  How does a 1st grader even notice that.  After all was said and done today I was promised that the teacher would make it right.  If he doesn't, looks like I will have to make a little trip to the school board.  I'm a pretty passive person.  I'm really nice, and I let people slide if they are jerks.  That's their issues not mine.  But I refuse to have my son treated in any manor other then encouragement from a teacher.  The thing is, Spen is a sensitive kid.  He's had a lot of issues from my ex, and he's a nice sweet kid.  He listens and is a good student.  I will be damned if I have some frat boy tarnish my kids ego.  So hopefully everything will be rectified. I hate confrontation.  But when it comes to my kids, the claws come out.

Off to workout I go.

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