Thursday, September 30, 2010


So I have lost even more weight :)  I'm stoked on that.  I'm now skinnier than before Cedric.  Still not at my goal weight, but closer.  Having a bad thyroid truly sucks. It makes it 10x's harder for you to be able to lose.  I've lost 2 pounds this week...squeal!!!  The good thing is I'm doing it the right way.  I'm watching what I'm eating and working out daily.  I lift weights everyday and try to do the treadmill.  If not I go for a walk.  I want to be cut.  Not amazon woman, but defined and in shape.  I miss my fit body, but I'm on my way to getting it back :)  My arms are a lot more defined then that's a plus.  I need to work on my stomach.  That's where having two babies will do the most damage.  I've been doing crunches too.  At least 120-150 a night.  So progress is being made.

In the news...
I've been reading about kids being bullied for their homosexuality and then turning to suicide to end their torture. That is so just so sad.  I hate that these poor kids feel they have no where to turn or that what they feel is wrong.  Homosexuality is not wrong!!!  These kids are merely kids.  I wish more parents took a more active role in their kids lives and let their children be who they want and need to become.  I even saw where one boy had his arm broken because he was a cheerleader.  WTH???  This sickens me.  I hate male macho insecure people who feel the need to make fun or or break down what is different to them.  We are all different snowflakes in this water globe and that's what makes it so beautiful.  That's one of the reason's why I went off at the P.E. teacher acting as though it was wrong for spen to cry or made him feel bad about himself.  Kids are precious little people.  Our jobs as adults is to build them up, not tear them down!!!  I will fully love and support my kids with whatever lifestyle they choose.  The hubs feels the same way.  Being homophobic is sad on so many different levels.  Not only are you losing out on wonderful friendships, but your negativity is not needed in this very harsh world.  We are open minded parents.  Sadly, I know too many people that would not welcome gay children into their arms.  Sickening!!!  I just hope and pray that there is more support and counseling being offered to young kids needing to talk about their choices and I really hope and pray that more kids realize that different does not equal bad!!!  I don't understand how a person could find it ok to bully or be mean to another person.  I can only imagine what abuse have the abusers witnessed or been exposed to themselves.  There's a quote I've heard that is very true, hurt people, hurt others.  It's an ugly cycle.  I try to teach my boys that we are all different and it's ok to not be the norm.  People who bully are hurting inside and trying to rectify their own short comings.  It was so awesome...Spen told me he kinda got bullied in the school bathroom.  He said he told the teacher and she took care of it.  But he told me the boy had emotional issues...hehehehhahahaaa.  I was shocked with this coming from a 7 year old mouth, but that's my kid.  The therapist.

Ok...this also has been bothering me.  If I am nice and polite to you, I expect the same.  I hate rude people!!!   I will leave this at that.

I get my new flip camera and portrait lens today!!!  I'm sooo excited!!! I will be stalking my front door, waiting for delivery.  I can't wait!!! to work out.

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