Monday, September 6, 2010


Current lists of stress in random listing...

- My thyroid...I'm gaining weight, and losing hair...always a nice combination.
- My kitchen.  Eric is about done with the drywall and sanding.  My hat goes off to the man...he did it in the time frame he said he could under budget.  Now onto the clean up.  Drywall dust is HORRENDOUS.  It's everywhere in the kitchen and on everything. 
- Cedric's birthday party.  I changed the theme.  I had my heart set on the sideshow circus theme, but I want him to be able to enjoy it.  I want games and booths.  It would be a waste because he couldn't really understand or participate.  Also, funding.  The little kitchen leak has set us back on budget.  So I changed the theme to a Halloween party.  I'm excited about that now...and a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  We have a lot of the decorations and we can just add to them.  I have tons of ideas of what to do and I might pick up the new martha stewart Halloween magazine.  I'm excited and relieved.  I plan on throwing the circus theme when he's a little older. 

- My give someone an inch..they take a mile and I will leave it at that.

I'm tired...sometimes it just sucks being an adult and responsible for the happenings of your house, life and everything in between.  Eric and I do everything ourselves, and sometimes, it's hard.  I'm happy I have an awesome partner because I couldn't survive this crazy life we have without him : )  He calms my nerves and is super strong.  I'm pmsing so everything is a million times worse in my head then it really is.  I have a long list of things I need to tackle.

Off to make lunch....or get take out...hummmmm.....


Angelys said...

Relaxxxxxxxxxxxx! Ok, easy to say, but I understand you 10000%. I ended up in the ER due to Stress/Work. I'm not saying my job is horrible but the people that I work with most times just piss me off and just a bunch of drama. I was taking anti-inflammatory pills, Motrin, Advil, even a Vicodin to fall asleep cause I couldn't take it anymore. Just live life and if something cannot be done say screw this, on to the next. Not worth at times stressing over things, remember we live once and the only thing guarantee in this life is death... so live it up and laugh as much as you can... Take Care!!!

Nikki P. said...

Thanks! I know it's all trivial, just sometimes you get caught up in the meaningless BS. I had a mini pity party...but I'm better! Thanks for the advice!!! Sorry to hear about your stress and the ER. Take care as well!!!