Thursday, October 8, 2009

Laying around....

So the doctor continued my bed rest. She said her goal is to get me to 38 weeks. At 37 weeks the chance of lung problems are 1% and at 38 weeks it's non-existent. So, I'll lay around for 10 more days roughly.

Eric's dad bought us the swinger...I'm excited. My co-sleeper comes on friday, and I'm not sure when the swinger will arrive. But all major things have been purchased. The breast pump and bottles are our last real buy, but I'm waiting until I deliver to decide on them. I might rent a bf pump from my dr's office or the hospital and I want to see what bottles work well with the model. I also want to see what the lactation consultant suggests. It's happening...and coming to an end soon. I'm excited. I can't wait for him to be here. It seems like I've been pregnant a small eternity. The doctor said nothing has changed and I'm still 2 cm dilated and %50 effaced. She thinks I can make it to 38 weeks.

Poor Eric and spen...yesterday Eric had a bad migraine. He got sick with this one. He does that sometimes. Well, he was too sick to take spen to his chess club meeting. Spen understood. But I hate he had to miss his 1st meeting. Tonight Eric will take spen to cub scouts. He's such a good dad. And I...I will sit on my fat ass. I hate's driving me crazy. I am a person who has to stay busy...and it's driving me nuts. I'm also nesting...and I cannot nest!!! It's annoyingggggggggggg. I know things could be so much worse...and I thank God they are not. I just can't wait to have Cedric and be up and about. I can't wait to start working out. I want to wear my old jeans again. Hell, I just want to be able to bend.

I miss shopping. I can't wait to shop's my addiction and comfort. Online shopping isn't the instant gratification high I love.

The house is staying somewhat clean while I'm down. I'm shocked. Spen and eric are doing ok. I'm the cleaner in the family..and those two can be two tornadoes. But I really wouldn't care if someone walked in the's pretty clean.

Eric's dad and his wife are coming up in november. Not sure where they are going to stay. Maybe with us. We have a 5 bedroom house, and all bedrooms are dedicated spaces. I think they can crash in the basement. It has more privacy and we can use the air mattress or our old queen mattress for them. Who knows. It's funny my nesting isn't so much with cleaning as much as painting and redesigning spaces. I want to work on spen's bathroom terribly. Hell, I want to repaint mine, and I'm so excited to start on the kitchen. We need to tear the wallpaper down in there and light it with a match...I think that might help it. to look for some class info.

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