Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fast times at Nikki high....

Hummm.....ok...for starters. Yesterday sucked. Spen had to miss out on
 a chess tournament because Ceddy was sick. He was having tummy issues. Then Cedric decided to get choked from breast milk and turn blue again. Freaking me out!!! I was trained in infant cpr..but I really hope and pray I never have to use it. I snatched him up and patted his back. He was crying, choking and holding his breath. The joys of being a mom. He perked up once he calmed down. He was refluxing too due to tummy issues. My nerves were shot!!!!!!! So to top that off I got yelled at by a client who did not understand I could not hold the date for her without a deposit and signed contract. She decided to yell at me over the phone then proceeded to call and leave a rather delightful message. The joys of working with the public.(eyes rolling) On a brighter note I had another client bring over her deposit. I'm well on my way to purchasing my braces. I'm going to pay cash for them. I do not want another bill each month. So long story short, yesterday sucked. Eric ended up taking spen out to the movies. They had a good time. I was in need of hugs last night. We watched tv and snuggled. I needed that. I feel great today...ready to take on the world :)

Ceddy is back to his happy self. My business is taking off. I'm so excited about things. I can't wait!!! I need to plan for cedric's christening/naming ceremony. I have no idea what I'm going to do. I do know I want it to be at Duncan Memorial with a reception back at my house. I need to work on a guest list, and hell find out who will perform it. Ha. I haven't been to my church in over a year. I'm awful. I might have my mothers old preacher do the ceremony. As for his attire. I LOVE christening gowns. Poor spen didn't get one for his. I was too poor and he was too old. I'm thinking I might make one. Or have it made. I found two I like though. I have no idea...it really shouldn't be that hard to make. Who knows...I'm going to wait until he is six months. I have a long list of things to do...so off to do them.

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